Mind Control Torture

Oct 14 2019 Last Updated.


Ask why people like me, Peter Mooring, Helen Kurdina and many others across the globe all claim the same thing. Peter and me also claim things like the perpetrators being able to hack our computers, phones, tvs, etc. This is not a new global sickness! See below for symptoms and evidence.

Matrix Deciphered by Dr Robert Duncan

David A. Larson Report




First understand: The human brain works on frequencies. Frequencies can be isolated and captured through brain transmitters. Those frequencies can be sent to remote computers for analysis through wireless radio. Also they can inject thoughts, feelings, pain, emotions, anything you can imagine through frequencies beamed back at you via radio waves. After reading my blog and other website links below you will know that I am a true TI and what I say is truth and very important for other TIs to understand. You need to read this entire website to understand what they can do and how you can protect yourself.

Why did they experiment on you without consent:

Through my life analysis of what happened to me and research I realize they are (U.S.A) building an weapons system (Artificial Intelligence) that can monitor every human culture on earth, every language, and every gender. This AI is designed for national security reasons that is why they experimented on TIs without consent. An AI system that can control people remotely is far greater weapon than a nuclear bomb.  They need this system to be able to (without the victim knowing), control them. The system is designed to be able to alter peoples feelings, emotions, tastes, conscience, pain, etc. This system is designed to drive people into decision paths they would not normally do. For example, the system can inflict trauma on the victim non stop for days and days on end to cause the victim to go into severe depression and commit suicide. The system can inflict feelings of rage and hate to cause the victim to kill someone. They use this system to create Manchurian candidates. You see that this is a system used for WAR, that is why they experimented on you without consent. If they experimented on you “WITH CONSENT”, then they can not make you do stuff you don’t want to do (to a point, i’ll explain later). DO YOU SEE NOW WHY THEY EXPERIMENTED ON YOU WITHOUT CONSENT!

The AI is so advanced that you and almost everyone will think it is an actual person talking to you via V2K (Voice to skull) or B2B (Brain to Brain or Brain to Computer). The AI doesn’t come across as a computer via V2K, because it is designed to talk like a non computer. They can actually clone peoples personalities into this AI and then the AI can use those personalities to assault victims via V2K ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnFC-s2nOtI ) . The AI can also give you feeling with the speech to make it feel even more real. With V2K and voice cloning technology, the AI can make you think it is for example George Bush or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Never believe names giving to you via V2K.

Victims need to be extremely careful about their thoughts because they can take your own thoughts feed them into the AI and then have the AI assault you with your own thoughts played back and it will feel real to the victim! The AI they have is extremely advanced much more than any commercial product you have seen in 2019. Like I said they can capture your thoughts, feelings, moods, etc and use them against you. See Dark Loop Programming below for more information. Out of all things on this site, understanding that they can program you with your own thoughts, feelings, emotions! This is the most important thing to comprehend. Just realize this is computerized and a computer can be programmed also with AI. Now imagine how they can implant thoughts, emotions, feelings that are your own but programmed. Understand this and spread this because they can do this to a mass group of people remotely through this system. Our country and democracy is at serious risk until people understand just this point!!!

This system is extremely dangerous that it CAN CONTROL OUR POLITICIANS and LEADERS!  “”” AND I AM TELLING YOU, THIS TECHNOLOGY FELL INTO THE WRONG HANDS ALREADY. You can alter mass populations feelings also!!!!!!!!!! “””

There are also other “Soldiers” involved besides AI because they need to analyze the AI system to make it better. The AI system uses an algorithm and can even figure stuff out by itself. They can make the AI system torture you based on a trauma based mind control algorithm, and other algorithms. I documented it below.

Some of those soldiers are also EEG cloned to the victim (Brain to Brain). They are EEG cloned to monitor the thoughts of the person while they are getting assaulted by the AI computer to make adjustments.  

Always remember the person who started this was a Human! So at the top level of this corrupt group is humans. The top level is run by some of the worst failed humans to exist in this planet. I will explain below that they are responsible for serious unimaginable crimes.

If you are being tortured by this program, even though you will be labelled mentally sick, it is always better to inform the police of what is happening to you. Purchase as many books on mind control and read so you can get evidence.

These are some of the symptoms that targeted individuals may experience:

  • Microwave hearing and torture with noises into the head (3D Sound). They can make it sound like they are close to you or in front but they are not. It  is called Voice to Skull. Do a google search. Many people are reporting to be victims of this and they are not mentally sick. This is not schizophrenia.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxlHmrI_c7g (This is primitive compared to the government hidden V2K)
    • Please note some TIs have reported having a  cochlears implant added to their skull. 1 TI had it removed. Do a google search and you can see it. With radio waves they can beam sound to the cochlears implant.
    • B2B (Brain to Brain connection to another human or computer). B2B will become a commercial product soon in my opinion. You don’t need a super computer to have brain to brain communication with another person. The people behind this have had B2B since the 1950s ! With Brain to Brain you can see through another persons eyes, feeling their feelings, emotions, hear their thoughts, communicate, and more. In my opinion Brain to Brain will become as trivial as a cellphone call very soon future!
    • Let me tell you this, how many criminals have received free University Degrees with V2K and B2B? A lot! They had this since the 50s and its comprised of a secret society and total corruption at the government level. Imagine someone giving you all the answers to your tests via V2K or B2B and no one would know a thing. I wish I was that lucky.
  • Someone else being Able To See Through Your Own Eyes (Either with lens implant in the eye or through the brain. See evidence below. ITS 100% proven fact this can be done. Look at the BBC article I reference below with pictures of scientists looking though a cats eyes with brain transmitters. What they used on the cat is primitive technology!!! The technology they have (Military, NSA, CIA, etc) gives them clear video. Other TIs like Helen Kurdina also claim this.

You are not mentally sick:

This is what they can do to you:

  • Visual hallucinations, artificial dreams.
  • Reading thoughts, retrieving memories
  • Manipulation of thoughts, will, emotions, desires and perceptions
  • Memory lose or jamming your memory when you are about to have an important thought.
  • Manipulation of human behavior: Forced Speech, involuntary body movements, transmission of specific commands into the subconscious, compulsory execution of these commands (Example: The Manchurian candidate effect) They can put you into a trance then Control your Body and make you to do stuff you would not do normally. They can implant words into your speech. They do this with EEG Cloning and Heterodyning . I will explain at the bottom of this page . For example, they use this technology to talk for politicians or to manipulate politicians into certain choices.
  • They can put you in a freeze. Where you cannot move your body semi unconsciousness. They can put you in a fake coma.
  • The artificial dreams they can give you are like virtual reality. They can make it seem like its real. You will have feelings and smells in the dreams like it is real. This will be a commercial product. Read at the bottom where I describe recording your life moments and reliving them again like the first time!
  • They can manipulate you very subtly without you knowing unless you are aware this is happening to you. They can put thoughts, feelings, and other stuff into your brain.
  • They can connect to you and control your body or make you do stuff without you being aware. For example, they can make you get up and walk to the kitchen without you being aware of it.
  • Debilitation of mental acuity.
  • Blurred vision or stinging eyes.
  • Sleep deprivation or uncontrollable sleep. They can put you into a coma, deep sleep.
  • They Can Kill You Electronically By Heart Attack (https://www.defensetech.org/2006/02/14/moscows-remote-controlled-heart-attacks/ , Choking, Lung Pain (Breathing Problems), And Stop Your Blood Flow. They tell me they can kill me on the spot in a split second.
  • They can give you extreme muscle cramps, spasms, joint pain, headaches, teeth pain, burning, cold symptoms, fever, sore throat, runny nose, and more. They can give you extreme cramps in the hamstrings, calves, and stomach. The pain will make you scream and you won’t be able to move. They can give you strange feelings on your toes where it feels like one toe is overlapping the other but it is not. They can make your body numb by giving you that frequency. They can make you weak and your wrists weak. They can break your wrist remotely. They can make your hands and feet go to sleep. The pain they give you is controlled by a computer. They do this non stop and make it seem like it is real. If you are not aware of this you will believe that it is real. Read below on how they do this.
  • They can make your teeth fall out.
  • They are using secret medical glue to put devices onto your skull and body and closing the wounds without a trace or a very faint mark of a cut. USA Government experimented with medical glue in Vietnam war. It was similar to super glue. What the perpetrators are using is similar but more advance. They are putting nano devices on top of your skull covered by fake skull material. MRI, CT Scan, and XRays may not pick these devices up. If you rub your head carefully you can feel the bumps. When looking check bridge and dark spots. This is a commercial equivalent of what they are using but their’s is even more advance. https://youtu.be/n1j0VVNB6bA
  • They have laser weapons that can cut you. They are not laser weapons like in the comics or movies but they are based on radio waves. For example its like a concentrated microwave beam that can cut things. They use it for evil purposes. One use is for implanting victims because it cuts better than a knife then the victim is medically glued back as I mentioned in the point above. 
  • They can make objects (Real Life Looking Objects Like Humans [Hologram]) appear like they are by you but there is nothing there or shadows. These holograms can appear like it is real. For example they can make a fly (in color) appear in front of you and you will think it is real. They can put extreme fear into you by giving you these holographic images that are fake. That can cause confusion between real and holographic images. They can even worst make a holographic image feel like its real by giving you feelings that it is touching you remotely by radio waves and all it is a hologram. This is real, it is not science fiction. They do this with your visual cortex and pineal gland.
  • HUD Display. You don’t need a screen for this. They can do this right into your brain and it can be just like a military pilot’s HUD.
  • These people doing this are drug addicts and hardened professional criminals. They have this technology and they are brainwashed to think they are gods. They try to make people think they are gods, or Jesus, or angels. Be careful they are not!!! They are very evil! They can do the image of the beast. They can make it appear like a image of Jesus or a statue of Jesus is actually them. They can make it appear that every person you see on TV is them. Its a mind control trick. Also they can manipulate your TV stream to inject images. They can at real time inject images into youtube videos and even your home personal videos. The technology they use and have is extremely advance. It can make you think if you were brainwashed from a little kid that you are actually a god. There are people involved in this program that have been given access to this technology since they were kids by some of the criminals behind this. These kids are older men now and are severely brainwashed. They have been brainwashed into a criminal lifestyle. They have been brainwashed to think they are special because they have access to technology that is extremely advance. For example in the 70s, this technology was still more advance then technology of 2019. I KNOW, THIS IS THE TRUTH. Besides the brain control and hacking technology they have, they have technology that is at comic book science fiction levels. If I told you you won’t believe me but that is why these people get brainwashed into thinking they are gods. Now imagine a kid shown this technology by one of these criminals, they will become completely brainwashed to think they are gods or special. THIS IS WHAT HAS HAPPENED. For example, they can make pictures in the clouds and they can make it rain. They can make rainbows. Now if you were a stupid kid, you can be brainwashed that you are a type of god. These brainwashed people, are now brutal criminals. They are rapists, pedophiles, murderers, etc.
  • As indicated on the point above on youtube videos. They can while you are watching, change the words of a person talking on youtube and your TV in real time.  This is technology used by the US Military. They use it for cyber-warfare. For example if you are watching news, they can change what is being played out of your TV speakers in real time but the actual news is saying something else. Again this is cyber-ware technology by US Military.
  • They make a living stealing from other people. With brain control you can make money very easily. You can brain control some CEO to buy your products or to hire your people. This is organized crime. They are LIARS, FRAUDS, and PROFESSIONAL CRIMINALS!!!!!! YES IT IS NSA, CIA, Military, but there is a organized crime part of this. There are criminals running this program. They are using publicly funded equipment for personal gain. You can even brain control the north korean leader to come meet with you?
  • These people are very good at subtly manipulating you. They act like your inner voice with V2K. They work overtime to manipulate. They constantly find new ways to manipulate you or to attack you. Be careful they are professionals at manipulation and lies. V2K goes right into your head not through the ears so you can voice clone someones inner voice you can manipulate them.
  • Be careful, they make other people think they are you to with brain control. Someone can watch over your life, feel your feelings, read your thoughts, manipulate you. ELECTRONIC RAPE. With Brain to Brain your perpetrator can feel your feelings everything just like you would when you engage in intercourse. I personally have been brutally rape beyond your comprehension. I have been brutally assaulted and raped since I was a child. Whats scary is the person mapped Brain to Brain could be anyone like a older man when I was child EXPERIENCING SEXUAL INTERCOURSE ELECTRONICALLY! This brutal pedophile walks freely and me and many innocent children get no justice!
  • They use street level stalkers to do dirty work. They for example will use these stalkers to break into your house and damage your property. Peter Mooring notes this too. For example, they wrecked my new shoes by cutting them, wrecked my van by hacking into the computer, turning on the engine light, changing the timing, (See below how they do that), they ruin my cloths by putting holes in my favorite pants or shirt, and they damaged my scooter by playing with its electronics.
  • The AI system or one of the “soldiers” tries to do forced speech on me non stop. He also non stop tries to manipulate my body movements and take away my choice. He connects to me via brain to brain mapping similar to remote neural monitoring but instead of my brain to a computer it is my brain to a computer to another persons brain.
  • These people (The humans involved) think they are superior to others. They use this technology to oppress people. It is a modern form of oppression and slavery. It is a 24/7 concentration camp. It is worst than holocaust because the people in the holocaust had mental freedom even though they were physically abused. People who are under these peoples oppression do not get mental freedom nor physically freedom. These people (Using AI and other types of soldiers) do not give you 1 minute of peace to yourself. Again Peter Mooring confirms this also that they don’t give him any rest. Somehow these people manage to abuse people 24/7 mentally and physically.
  • SEX !!!! Be very careful. These people are using you to have sex with your wives/husbands, girl/boy friends, and even masturbation. They will make you do sexual things you would never do normally that are beyond your normal sexual acts. They are brutal rapist and pedophiles. What they do is electronic rape. They do this because they can feel all your feeling and experience it like you would experience it. They can give you sexual dreams that feel like real. Be careful they are very evil.
  • There are old men (40s, 50s, 60s) using brain control to have sex with kids (high school, college kids). They do this because they can connect to you remotely unnoticed (Unless you are aware of it) and control you. How do I know this is because i’m a victim. IT IS ELECTRONIC RAPE. RAPE IS RAPE!
  • Do not believe a word these people tell you. Its all based on lies. They will even act like they are helping you or trying to help you and its all based on lies for a purpose. Do not believe, otherwise you will fall for their trap! They will make an act on something and make you believe it is true. They are very good and this. It is all based on lies. Do not believe a word these people tell you. If they give you a name of someone or tell you they are someone, do not believe them it is based on lies. They can act like other people or people you know and you may want to believe them but DO NOT! They can talk like other people. They will play good cop/bad cop against you. They will make it look like the good cop is actually trying to help you and it is sincere. Some of the things they come up with is extremely strange so be careful. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS. IT IS ALL BASED ON LIES. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL LIARS!
  • They will tell you “We will give you your freedom back” or “We are done” and it is all lies. For example they been telling me “We will give you your freedom back” for years but is all lies. They even say “We’ll tell your wife”, it all lies again.
    Someone will make a commercial product using Brain to Computer EEG pornography.
  • They will even say, go get a gun and kill these people (The people doing this to you and stalking you) but again it is based on lies for an ulterior motive. What they will do is brain control you to do an act of violence once you have the gun.
  • They will slander you by making people around you not believe what you are saying. They will make you look mentally ill. They will use your family to make you look mentally ill. They will also use a doctor so that he doesn’t believe you.
  • They can give you different smells. My perpetrators always give me their smell when I kiss my wife or children. It is some psychological game they do. They also can give you different tastes. The assault me with bad breath smell/taste and other horrible smells. They give me the smell of poo or pee, and other gross things just before I eat. They can give you tastes controlled by a computer. 
  • You take someone else’s frequency’s and project them onto another person. The entire human brain works on frequency. You can take different frequency’s and isolate them with brain control and project them onto others. When they give you a frequency, it will feel like it is yours. For example pain, will feel real even though it is not.
  • It is important to do physical exercise. Why, because if they kill you by heart attack or other symptoms doctors will know it wasn’t from clogged arteries for example. They will do the autopsy and make their findings. When others get murdered this way, doctors will start to wonder why people are dying of heart attacks when their arteries are not clogged.
  • If they oppress you mentally, do random timings. For example use dice to for minutes and wait to do something when they want you to do it. Peter Mooring recommended this.
  • They like giving me stress. They hack into my computer and when i’m in a meeting take control over my mouse and move it around randomly or move away from where I am trying to point to. They also power off my computer when i’m on a screen share session at work. They also adjust the battery level on the computer. After charging all night, as soon as I get to work they reduce my power to low levels, then I go to add my power adapter to the laptop and they turn off the laptop just before I do it. Then I take out my laptop’s battery, wait 30 seconds and put it back in. When I go to power it back on they won’t let it. THIS IS VERY REAL AND CAN BE DONE TO ANY COMPUTER READ THE ARTICLE BELOW. They can turn off my laptop’s screen even on boot. They make it look like your computer is broken when it is not. They tell me to get them a coffee or they won’t turn it back on. They do this to me all the time daily. They also disable my keyboard and WiFi. Then when I go to use Ethernet, they disable that. They make it seem like my Ethernet connection is broken but it is not, it is just them disabling the port. For example if I touch the network cable, they disable the Ethernet port and I don’t get network access. They also disable my USB ports and other ports on my computer. These people are demons more than humans. Peter Mooring also has the same feelings towards these people. They lock my phone when I have an alarm ringing on it so that it disturbs the people around me and I can’t turn it off. When I read my email and mark my mail as read, they mark it as unread.  If you read Peter Moorings website you will see he says the same thing.
  • They make innocent people do acts of violence. If you are unaware victim of mind control, these people can make you do a serious act of violence. Even if you are aware of what is happening to you, they can use severe mind control (Manchurian Candidate) to make you do violence. Be careful this people are extremely evil and very deceitful. They will do anything to destroy you. Making a person commit a serious act of violence serves a purpose for these people. If you can make a innocent normal person commit an act of violence, commit suicide, or get diagnosed with schizophrenia you have a WEAPON THAT CAN BE USED FOR POLITICS AND WAR!!!!!!!!! IF YOU ARE A VICTIM OF MIND CONTROL, DO NOT BUY A GUN THAT CAN SHOOT MANY ROUNDS. IF YOU ARE INTO HUNTING OR SPORT SHOOTING, BUY A SINGLE SHOT GUN. I AM NOT LYING, THESE PEOPLE CAN MAKE YOU DO A SERIOUS ACT OF VIOLENCE.  They will trick you into buying weapons, then subtly manipulate you into doing this.
  • They slander me or threaten to slander me non stop. When I put them down they get mad and threaten to write bad words or sentences in my office documents which are shared publicly. They did this to me few times already.
  • They non stop torture me. They give me pains in different parts of my body non stop. For example they give me pain in the legs, under the feet, calves, hamstrings, wrist, shoulder, neck, back, etc. They circulate this pain via a computer program. When i’m working out they make it seem like I pulled a muscle but it is artificial and after few minutes it mysteriously goes away and a new part of my body is tortured. Even you may feel your muscles cramping or your wrist jamming and joints but trust me this is done via frequencies beamed to your head. Your body reacts like its real. Sometimes the pain is a nuisance and others times it is excruciating. For example they gave me stomach pain and it put me in the hospital for 3 days. I got a CT Scan and a colonoscopy and all were negative.I couldn’t walk it was so painful. Another time they tortured my legs and back for 9 weeks straight. They made it hard for me to walk. I had to go to the chiropractor. The chiropractor did say my back was slightly misaligned but I know 100% they tortured me.
  • They do this to me 24/7. I am constantly monitored by them and abused. Even when I am sleeping they are doing stuff to me. For example mostly I sleep unconsciously because they beam me with a certain frequency. I know the difference between real sleep and what they do to me. How do I know that I sleep unconsciously, its because when I wake up I examine my sleep and know what they did.
  • They can make it look like they are on tv or on a youtube video. They can manipulate youtube videos in real time (I’m not 100% sure about this but one of the videos below a person says this also. They do it to me but i’m not sure if it is a brain control trick)
  • They non stop threaten to empty my bank account and leave no trace that it ever existed. Even my personal records like social insurance number, etc. They also threaten to slander me on fraud or some other made up crime. They can do this and have the ability to do this. I am a very good person and not involved in any crime.
  • They are also trying to study if they can make brain dead people think again using EEG cloning. They monitor the victims brain and thoughts and determine if the brain dead person is thinking. I know this sounds strange but I know they are doing this experiment. Their science experiment is a COMPLETE FAILURE. The people behind this have NO MORALS AT ALL. They need to be put in prison. They are the type of people who would map an animals brain to human. THESE PEOPLE ARE EXTREMELY EVIL AND LAWLESS! Read EEG Cloning by Dr Robert Duncan CIA Whistleblower.

  • They need a mix of women, men, children, of different ages and races for their AI system. Helen Kurdina also mentioned this to me on the phone. That is why you see a large group of people from all over the world complaining about the same problems. This is not a global sickness.
  • They use a computer to playback recorded voices. They can do like for example text to speech where the speech played back to you sounds real. They can make it go into a loop. It is all lies and a trick to make it seem real to you. Along with recorded voices played in a loop, they can give you feeling this way to and both at the same time. Sometimes you will think it is a person but all it is a computer playing back frequencies the perpetrators captured and beaming into your head via radio frequencies. Sometimes you will notice that what they are doing to you goes in a loop. It’s like they keep doing the same thing over and over again.
  • The artificial dreams they give you are actually to check the way you think. If you are neuro mapped to another person or a computer (AI)  (See evidence of this in videos below), they are studying the way you think compared to the way the person you are neuro mapped (EEG Cloned) to. They can tell by telemetry from your brain signals the way you are thinking. This can all be done remotely via radio ways once you have the brain transmitter on your skull. Usually if you are neuro mapped to another person, that person is brain damaged or has some other deficiency. They are studying if they can make the brain damaged person think using your brain waves or map him into your brainwaves without you noticing. This does sound like sci-fi, but there is a truth to this. Not everyone who is a victim of brain control will have this problem.  They implant thoughts into your dreams. For example you will have an artificial dream to go buy something. Then in the morning they will give you frequencies around those thoughts like happy feelings and you will go out and buy that product. You can also tell artificial dreams by the way you think in them. If you are critically thinking or making decisions in dreams then it is artificial. They are giving you a artificial dream to see the way you react to certain things.  They will even give you SEX dreams to determine the way you think. Like I said they are capturing your telemetry while you dream.

Please be aware majority of the stuff they do to you is with the use of a computer. Brain frequencies can be isolated and saved just like a MS Document and then replayed back to a person.  For example like I said they can give you a cold but you are not sick, its just a frequency being beamed into your head. They will make an act like it is not a computer but majority of the stuff being done to you is from a computer replaying frequencies back to you or other peoples frequencies. That is how they give you cramps, spasms, and other artificial pain. They just replay back a pain frequencies to you by beaming to your head via radio waves. Your body reacts the same way to their frequencies the same way it reacts to your own frequencies. They might use a surrogate to beam these frequencies of pain directly to them and then give you the surrogates frequencies. They may and may not have to be close to you to do this. Radio frequencies can travel far distances. According to this person who got a brain transmitter removed from his skull, your frequencies and theirs can travel across the globe so the perpetrators can be anywhere. I am not 100% sure about this, I am still investigating about the proximity.



Watch these videos with Dr Robert Duncan who worked for the CIA and on brain control. He will confirm what I am saying is the truth. One thing is he says they are using a mix of satellites and harp, but I think they also have to be close to you (Very close at times). I am still investigating.

Peter Mooring describes the following and I agree with him :

A very limited list of physical effects that can be achieved using electronic weapons, many effects can be achieved suddenly, i.e. within a second, instant coughing, instant sneezing, pain, etc:

– Scratching
– Stomach pain
– Urge to urinate
– Urge to defecate
– Diareah
– Coughing, sneezing
– Burping, farting
– Sleepiness
– Yawning
– Stomach pain
– Kidney pain
– Painful feet
– Painful legs
– Sleeping hands, Feet. Legs, Fingers
– Heart attack
– Chest pressure
– Bubling stomach
– Blurred vision, Stinging itching eyes
– Nausea
– Fatigue
– Heating head/body
– Spleen pain
– Muscle pain
– Chest pain
– Blind gut attack (Extreme pain)
– Back pain
– Racing heart
– Runny nose
– Erection problems
– Sexual stimulation
– Toothache
– Headache
– Hearing problems
– Sudden confusion
– Sudden memory loss

In my opinion the position of skull implants are as follows. They are rock hard compared to the normal skull. Some people have larger bumps in those positions while other people have smaller ones. You can tell by rubbing your hands over those positions. How they do it is top secret using top secret technology. Looking at the skull itself you will not notice they are there because they are covered with fake skull material that looks real. You can see the implants on CT, MRI, Xrays if you know the positions and know what to look for. (For example DARK SPOTS). If you google search 1 brain control victim did get a cochlears implant removed and it was embedded into his skull. Another victim got a transmitter removed from his skull. The implants are extremely small and integrated. They are designed to look like human tissue and tiny blood vesicles.


From Larson Report:

EmbeddedNanoWire (3)

Here are the actual positions and images of brain chip implants on my skull. I don’t need anyone to tell me it is not. On those spots I have bumps that I can feel with my hand. Every TRUE TI, not people acting like TIs and covering this up, PLEASE COPY THESE IMAGES AND SEND IT TO OTHERS. THEY IMPLANTED THIS WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT, YOU TAKE IT OUT WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT CONSEQUENCES. WE DO NOT WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT! If these people won’t stop torturing me and assaulting me why do I care if I let their secret out.  If you search the internet you can find out why the chips are at these positions, for example what part of the brain is it targeting. For example the (THIRD EYE), they can attack your conscience and give you dreams from this.  WHAT EVER YOU DO RESEARCH AND USE A DOCTOR OR PLASTIC SURGEON to take them out if possible. My guess looking carefully at my X Ray is that it is a integrated circuit and the chips are actually connected to each other and when they beam you they all work together some how. In the image without the highlights you can see the integration of the circuits. This is extremely advance technology that is made to look like it is natural part of your body!!!!

shows implants and integrated circuit

Look at the lines connecting to the dark sports. It is integrated circuit! They are so evil, it is designed to look like human tissue and veins. With silicon and plastics it is impossible to find when they are designed like this.

Here is another picture of my skull. There are two perfect right angles on the picture. In nature, right angles are rare. Man made objects have right angles. This is part of the integrated circuit embedded into my skull. Expand on the image below to see it enlarged. It looks like a swastika. Look very closely!


Here is a picture of my implants compared to Robert Naeslund. They are identical. They are round with a point at the center. Robert’s xray is much more clearer than mine but look closely they are the same.

These people are mind control victims. Look at the forehead, you can see lumps where the brain transmitters (nano) are located. I have it, they did it to my kids. They are rock hard compared to your normal skull feeling (In my opinion). If you press on your skull on those positions, they have a different feeling than the real skull. Myron May and Aaron Alexis went on to do violent crimes. In my opinion, they were severely controlled to do them or programmed/manipulated. How, the perpetrators also act like other people. For example they act like some innocent person is the person assaulting you with brain control. They make you think some innocent person was is behind your problems because they are staring at you when you walk by, then make it look like the people on the train are the people assaulting you because they are starring at you. They make it look like your neighbors are behind your problems. THEY ARE NOT. THESE PEOPLE ARE PROFESSIONALS. THEY ARE TRAINED TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE OTHER INNOCENT PEOPLE ARE THE ONES ASSAULTING YOU. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY ASSAULTING YOU DO NOT REVILE THEMSELVES TO YOU EVER!!!! THIS IS BY DESIGN. NEVER ASSAULT ANYONE THINKING THEY ARE BEHIND YOUR PROBLEMS!!!! They use voice cloning and assault your brain to make it look like a particular innocent person or group is assaulting you. As a victim, you are mad and want to put a stop to the torture, then you go out and attack the innocent people committing an act of violence. This is how they do this. They can even change anyone face to look like someone else with frequencies. Remember human brain works on frequencies. Every muscle movement is a frequency. Your face is structured on muscles. So, they can take the frequencies of another person and project them onto another person and it will change their face to look like the other persons. So these two might have been tricked by their perpetrators to commit an act of violence thinking that the people they attacked where the people assaulting them. They might have used severe brain control on Myron Mays because watching his videos he seemed like a educated smart person.



Listen to the lady at 1:24 hrs about the eye implant. She is not lying. (This is my theory of how it works, but i am not sure. ). See the article on looking through a cats eyes below as it can also be a brain transmitter instead of an eye implant. Why are all the veins in the human body are under the skin but the vein on front of your eye is outside of the eye and on top of it. I again I am not entirely sure if there is an eye implant. This technology in the 1977s was more advanced than the contact lens camera that Google, Samsung, Sony, invented recently. It could be the transmitter is implanted on your skull by the pineal gland (Third eye) and at the back of your skull where the optic nerve connects to your brain. The brain transmitters can be implanted on your visual cortex both sides. With the visual cortex and pineal gland they  can give you dreams like the holodeck on star trek. They can give you movies YES MOVIES, on your walls and ceilings of your house through these areas of the brains. It’s all a trick of mind control. They are trying to re-create reality via brain frequencies. They can also give you holograms that look very real where you wouldn’t know the difference through the pineal and visual cortex.

The lens is extremely advanced. More advanced then you can imagine. What is scary is they had this technology since WW2. It is far more advance than the Sony, Samsung, Google electronic contact lens which was developed with modern technology recently.

eye implant



Watch this video. She also confirms that they can see through your own eyes.

Helen Kurdina’s website. She also confirms majority of the stuff I claim: http://hrvcanada.blogspot.ca/2011/09/helen-gurdina.html Please see the following website. The author also describes some of the symptoms people have. I can confirm that these are truth. Please note the ability for the stalkers to see through the eye. http://www.electronictorture.com/ On seeing through your eyes. There could very much be a lens implant and addition to a brain transmitter not on your brain but on your skull. Here is an example of seeing through the eye with a brain transmitter. Please note this technology used on this cat is primitive compared to the ones that are secretive. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/sci/tech/471786.stm
Who is doing this? It is the US Military. (This does seem sci-fi, but it isn’t. It is hidden from the public, I know this is real because I have been a victim of this program for over 40 years! Believe it or not be here is some facts.
  1. Top level is humans (These are brutal failed human beings)
  2. Next level is AI (Artificial Intelligence). This is a super computer that analyzes people thoughts who are connected. This is the most important piece of this program.
  3. Next level is the physic solider. These “mercenaries” are used also to analyze peoples thoughts by EEG cloning and to solve problems for the military. They also do crime like try to discredit victims or people getting attacked by these weapons (World Leaders!).  They do physical damage to peoples property or any dirty work that is required. This group is what you would call “X-Files” Area 51. This is a failed project also. Some of them understand that what they are doing is wrong and usually do not support doing crime that is happening in this program. There are some extremely deficient soldiers in this group. If you don’t believe me you can watch “Unacknowledged” movie on Netflix with Dr Steven Greer. Around 20 minutes left in the movie it will tell you all you need to know about these entities. They are “Programmed Robotic” entities, You might not believe it but it is 100% true.  These soldiers have serious rage, emotional problems, and majority of them lack any morals. To EEG clone and analyze peoples brains, you do not need that much intelligence. Actually, the less intelligent you are, the more benefit it is for the controllers. These soldiers used for EEG cloning are used when creating Manchurian Candidates. It is extremely scary how they do this.  I documented it on this website on how they do it. The AI is so advance now that these types of soldiers are now obsolete. 
  4. Next level is animals. Example: chimps. Yes the military have experimented with animals before. It is extremely sad because they brutally torture these animals to train them.
The US military, nsa, cia, etc has committed a serious crimes because of this program and the cult group within the US military needs to go to jail for this. Why would the military assault their own people. This experiment is led by criminals. If someone breaks the constitution of their own country then that country is control by FASCIST DICTATORS, not the people. The people elect the government so the government should not have any right to experiment on people with out consent. Developing AI (Artificial Intelligence) at the expense of your own population and at the expense of innocent people around the world is not worth it. They could have developed this technology alternate ways. The top level humans are are brutal rapist, pedophiles, and murderers. They are getting away with SERIOUS CRIME without anyone knowing. They have top secret technology that is extremely advance and unknown to the public. This technology allows them to do crime undetected. That is why these people become rapist, pedophiles, and murderers. This started after WW2 with nazi technology that came to US. However this technology was not invented by the nazis themselves. These people are LAWLESS. Why would the government attack its own people and why would people across the globe get attacked the same way? This program is working above the government and is a CRIMINAL and is getting black project money. They tell me “Who polices the police”. Also their song they keep listening to goes like “We are up, we are down, we are all places” “We are the correction bureau” that’s the scum they are. They think because they have access to top secret technology they can ruin innocent peoples lives. The leaders involved are brutal failed humans that think reality is a Hollywood movie over dramatized In 2011 when one of the perpetrators told me, they said go and walk the streets. If you see any problems let us know and we will take care of it. Basically if I think someone is not doing something I don’t think is right tell these people and they will go destroy innocent peoples lives without any formal process to determine if a person is breaking the law. I wonder how many innocent peoples lives these people have destroyed. I’m wondering how many stupid people fell for these idiots trap to make you think they are some special police service but all they are is a criminal organization accessing PUBLICLY FUNDED GOVERNMENT EQUIPMENT FOR CRIME. I CAN SAY THAT I DID NOT FALL FOR THIS CRIMINALS B.S It’s the USA CIA/NSA/Military behind all of this. 100% true. They have the hacking technology, they have the top secret technology even most government officials don’t know of. However, this is a group that is totally corrupted. They need to be put in jail for their crimes and this needs to be public knowledge. The truth is this experiment is absolutely worthless to the people of the USA. They could have tested this technology and experimented without destroying peoples lives.

They have a database with peoples names and frequency numbers (This is not a Hollywood movie)

The people they have implanted with nano brain transmitters are broadcasting on certain frequencies. I am still investigating if they need a prep in close proximity to amplify your frequency into the ionosphere to be sent across the globe. However, I am pretty sure they have a database with names and transmitter numbers. To get your frequencies you need to be chipped, but to get assaulted by them they can do it via satellite and close proximity radio weapons. This is how they can cheat sports games by causing a certain player or team to get muscle cramps or feel fatigue. Also my opinion is victims all have nano implants on their skull. It is hard to detect but look at David A Larson report. One lie that the preps have is that you don’t need to be implanted. Please tell me how can a satellite can read your brain when you are on the bottom floor of a concrete parkade? So it is reading your brain through layers of concrete? It can’t! The preps (tools) are in close proximity to be able to get your frequencies you are broadcasting and send them into the ionosphere to be broadcasted throughout the world. The lie is you don’t need to be implanted. Why is it a lie, because you are REALLY implanted on the skull and they don’t want it out and trying to keep it a secret. They get preps to make lies on message boards to cause confusion to victims and make it harder to solve this problem. Look at my xrays on this website. Look at the videos of scanning of peoples frequencies. Also if it is just satellite then why do they try to drive victims to suicide or label them as mentally sick, or even brain control them into violence? Its because you are implanted and they want to keep it a secret. Even though you have to be implanted, yes a satellite can assault your mind remotely to a certain extent without implants. To be clear 1) For them to read your mind or EEG clone you have to be implanted 2) They can assault your mind without implants with radio waves. This can cause laziness, different emotions, muscle fatigue, etc. Why don’t my devices like frequency counters, emf readers. metal detectors, etc work to find the implants. 1) The implants are nano 2) They can easily cause all your test equipment to give false readings. I have documented below how and why they do this. They easily discredit you by making your test equipment to get false readings or even positive.
Please read Peter Moorings websites. They contain very good information. I have the exact same problems as Peter. One thing to note that these people can control your phone, computer, tv, and car. Peter confirms majority of this on his website. I can confirm this is possible because they do this to me all the time If you want to have some control over your computer get a computer without Intel ME or Intel AMT. AMD chips have the same backdoors. These are backdoors for these hackers and don’t leave any evidence that they were connected to your computer. They can control starting, stopping, mouse, keyboard, freezing your computer, making not boot with this technology. They can disconnect your network so some browser tabs have network connectivity while others do not. They can disable network connectivity on for example Chrome while you have network connectivity on Firefox. If you want to avoid the Intel ME backdoor, you can purchase a Lenovo Thinkpad X200 and update the bios with Libreboot. This will remove Intel ME. It is not easy to do, I am planning on doing it. If I can do it, I will offer my service to victims. You can also purchase a computer from https://puri.sm/ . They are very secure. With the old Thinkpad X200 you can completely remove Intel ME. You should also remove your WWAN card from your laptop if it has one. Intel ME and AMT allows them to control your computer even when its offline. With Intel ME (Also AMD equivalent), they can connect to your computer even when you disabled the network card and when it is turned off!!!!!! This is very important to know. The Trouble With Intel’s Management Engine https://threatpost.com/millions-of-pcs-affected-by-mysterious-computrace-backdoor-2/107700/ Buy a phone that has a proprietary OS (Not Android or IPhone). Android and IPhones have hardware backdoors and software backdoors. I bought a BlackPhone which is suppose to be very secure (NSA Proof). They still hack into it. I disabled wifi, cellular and took out my sim card and somehow they can still connect to it and do stuff. They an adjust the battery levels (even after charging all night and a brand new phone). They are not beaming microwave to jam it but they can, they are hacking into it with it unconnected to the network. I think it has the same hardware firmware backdoor as majority of computers do (Intel ME backdoor). I cannot prove it but I know it is there. This backdoor is designed into the hardware of the phone. This is Government involvement into chip manufactures to do these hardware backdoor and it should be stopped. Please support free hardware designs and Open Source Hardware initiatives. They can control your phone with the power off, just like your PC as the above articles indicate. For example if you power off your phone, they can stop you from powering it back up. IT IS NOT BROKEN Even if you pull off the battery from you phone or computer, they can still control it. See the articles above. How can they do this, its because your phone and computer has a internal battery part of the motherboard. Also capacitors store energy and act as batteries. They can still microwave your computer and phone causing problems, but following this security advice will provide some help. They maybe able to hack your computer and phone via satellite. To me it almost seems like every device is can be controlled like this satellite controlled IOT. They can adjust prices on Amazon somehow and other websites (Peter Mooring confirms this). They did it to me but I refused to steal. They can also change the balance on your bank account. GO TO PAPER BANKING RECORDS, THEY CAN WIPE YOUR BANK RECORDS!!!!!!! They can jam your debt card transaction at a for example grocery store or bank machine. http://www.petermooring.nl/blog http://www.stopeg.com/

The same people who are attacking TIs also have the capability to control your car remotely. (Even older model cars [ones with a computer onboard]). They assassinate people with this technology and make it look like an auto accident. They cause a car accident by steering the car remotely into something then causing it to catch fire. They can control your steering, brakes, accelerator, ignition, door locks, etc. They can jam your automatic transmission and make it change gears (Read Dr John Halls book, he indicates they did this to him). It is because your car is wired through a computer and there is a huge security flaw that very few people know. Power steering, power brakes, cruise control, automatic doors, windows, and more are all controlled through the computer so they can be manipulated with this hack. This is all done wirelessly! Do not believe the doubters. THIS IS THE TRUTH! IT IS SO SECRETIVE EVEN THE MAJORITY OF THE GOVERNMENT OFFICES DON’T KNOW!  They don’t need to plug something into your car to do this!!!! You can protect yourself by jamming most cellphone frequencies in your car, unplugging your radio antenna, unplugging the automatic door lock receiver, pulling the ABS brake fuse, pulling the power steering fuse, and pulling the cruise control fuse (Or unplugging the cruise control computer). BEFORE YOU DO THIS PLEASE READ ABOUT WHAT THESE ARE AND RISKS OF NOT HAVING THESE SYSTEMS RUNNING.  They use ABS, power steering, and cruise control modules to cause your brakes to fail, to move your steering, and to accelerate your car. ABS system is designed to unlock and lock your brakes under braking. They can use this system to send unlock signals to the anti lock braking computer to unlock your brakes even when you press the brakes. They can also disable your power braking system. If you disabled ABS and they adjust your power brakes via your brake balancer it  will be hard to break but press very hard on the brakes. If your brakes fail, put your car into the low gear and pull your emergency brake. They can control your car accelerator with the cruise control computer. The cruise control computer has a wire directly connected to your throttle. They can send signals to your cruise control computer to accelerate the car, even with cruise control switch off. They can use power steering to steer your car. They can cause your car to catch fire by sending a signal to send a lot of fuel to the engine and possibly explode. They send signals to your computer to apply pressure to one side of your steering rack or the other via the hydraulic system. They can send signals to your cars engine computer to cause it to waste more fuel, change the timing, and turn on your engine lights. They can do this through a plugin into your car computer, or through your car’s radio antenna which can be wired directly to the car’s computer, or even through your car’s remote door lock system. Your car’s door lock system is wired to the car’s computer which sends a signal to open the doors. This door lock system’s wireless receiver can be hacked to send signals directly to the car’s computer without having to put anything else in the car. This can be done at a far distance if you have a strong transmitter. The best thing to do is to buy a car without power steering, abs, power door locks, manual transmission. Even better is buy a car without electronic fuel injection because it won’t have a computer to control your engine management. If you feel your life is in danger follow this advice. See the following video that proves what I say, but he used a plugin into the cars computer but this can be done without it.

Please note, these people non stop threaten to kill me. They also threaten to abducted (kidnap) me and torture me. They threaten to cut of my legs, rape my wife and daughter (They even give me graphic images of them doing this), ghost walk my children (Ghost walk is their term for when they put someone under severe brain control and make them do stuff like get up and go to the kitchen and forced speech). They tell me they will take me apart (cut me a part or take my body a part). They give me heart attack feeling for a very short period. They choke my neck so it is difficult to breath. They make it difficult to swallow food or make me burp from my throat making it difficult to breath. They non stop attack me, my computer, phone, and car (They threaten to kill me by auto accident). They threaten to make me do a random act of violence which I would never ever do. They even threaten to abuse my family by putting me under severe brain control but I would never ever do or suicide. They non stop attack my family also. Please note I been to the hospital with heart pains and they released me because there was no evidence of heart attack and also other chest pains. They NON STOP try to take away my choice in everything I do. There is someone or something maybe neuro mapped (EEG cloning) or semi computer non stop attacking me to take away my choice in everything I do. They do this to me non stop for the last 2 1/2 years. I don’t know how they do this because a normal human, even neuro mapped (EEG Cloning) person wouldn’t assault a person 24×7 hours a day. It must be semi computer attack. When I found about this I totally rejected all the lies these people told me and since then they started assaulting me more and more.

They use of technology to get you into induced schizophrenia and fake diagnoses:

They are also using a chatter bots (Artificial Intelligence, programmed to push you) to get people to react, yell, get paranoid, get into an induced paranoid schizophrenia state, commit suicide, get severely mental ill where you end up in a mental hospital. Read Dr Robert Duncan book he is the one who says they do this They do this to hide their crimes and discredit normal people. They use artificial intelligence computer systems to assault people and to test their weapons. The artificial intelligence is design to feel like its a real person connected to you but it is a computer or an “animal that is designed (example Monkey [Military does use animals]) as a weapon that is artificially intelligent (computer assisted, with EEG Cloning to the victim) to assault the victim”. The robot is designed to drive the victim to insanity, to control the victim, to be neuro mapped (EEG Cloning) to the victim so the robot can start to control the victim SUBTLY without the victim knowing and then get the victim to make decisions they don’t want to make or to make the victim to do a ACT OF VIOLENCE. READ THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION BELOW.


EEG Cloning:

EGG Cloning is when they map a human brain to another human brain or a computer to a human or even an animal to a human. You can tell if you are EEG cloned to another human by your teeth. Your teeth have a unique pattern. No one else has that pattern. If you are EEG cloned to another person you can actually feel their teeth and their mouth. Also you have pressure on your face and you have pressure on your skull. If you get up a brush your teeth in the morning and a little while later you have a bad taste in your mouth that may be the other person you are EEG cloned to. This is gross but this is the truth. Also the EEG cloned person can make you twitch your face. They use EEG cloning to make another human or a computer, or even an animal manipulate you. US Government do use animals on mind control experiments. They can use it to make you do things you don’t want to do. For example they can make you assassinate someone by EEG cloning to you and manipulating your thoughts. This will allow them to kill someone and their crime goes unnoticed and you get blamed. The perpetrator EEG Cloned to the victim can subtly with training assault the victims thinking process. They can VOICE CLONE YOUR INNER VOICE SO YOU START TO THINK THOSE ARE YOUR INNER THOUGHTS. They can inject thoughts into your thinking process at high speed. They can inject feelings of rage, jealousy, etc. Also if your eyes move randomly is a sign of EEG cloning. For example you are looking somewhere, then randomly your eyes move somewhere else that is a sign. Dr Robert Duncan mentioned this in Matrix Deciphered. They also can give you “Googly Eyes” where they can make a computer move your eyes in circles non stop. In my opinion they can EEG clone to a person that has a brain transmitter implanted already extremely fast.

EEG cloning with heterodying is extremely dangerous!!! PLEASE READ

The person EEG cloned to you is trained to think the way you think. The study the way you do things and how you critically think. How you react to certain things. They hide his/her/it presence from you by cutting off your feelings to a point. It numbs your body via frequencies remotely. To make you feel that there is no one cloned to you.  Then when this person has studied you and know how you think, emotions, reactions etc, that person EEG cloned to you know can start injecting different emotions, feelings, thoughts into your head. These will be 90% of the time negative. (THIS IS A TOOL FOR CRIME/WAR). Once they do this, they can if you are not careful, make you kill someone, commit suicide, Manchurian candidate, give you depression and more. USA uses animals, do not be alarmed about being cloned to an trained animal. EEG hetrodyning is when they add a computer to map of your brain.

Again one technique they do is study the way you think. For example if you look a certain way when you think or you focus a certain way they study that then they capture it and save those frequencies and along with feeling which go with it. Then once they have gathered a lot of that data, they will use it against you. They will attack you with your own thoughts. Once they do this they can use your own thoughts to make you do and act of violence. It is very difficult at times and the person behind this is pure evils so please be careful. They will along with attacking you with your thoughts they will EEG clone you to make some worthless tool assault your body movements. They can make you push some person close to you or punch someone without you being able to stop it.


How they create Manchurian Candidates in point form. This sounds strange, but I am not lying to you this is exactly what they do. You might think it this all BS, but the US military has a history experimenting with animals.

  1. When you have been implanted, they broadcast your thoughts and it is received by a computer.
  2. They clone your brain via EEG cloning to an “sentient being” . 
  3. The sentient being with its “handlers” study your thought process and your habits.
  4. The sentient being practices all your habits until it understands exactly the way you do things.
  5. The sentient being is constantly connected to you and it is basically mapped brain to brain with you. It extremely silently stays connected until it fully trained.
  6. They use “inner voice” cloning to clone your inner voice. This can be done extremely easily with V2K because the sound goes directly into your skull and not through your ears. So if they can clone your inner voice, it sounds just like you are having a thought.
  7. Once they clone your inner voice, the sentient being or computer can start giving you ideas and thoughts with your own voice. 
  8. The sentient being EEG mapped to you can also assault your body movements.
  9. Now. with voice cloning, injected fake feelings “Rage, Jealousy, Hate, etc” they can alter your thought process.
  10. Now they start giving you thoughts and feelings to do an act of violence. 
  11. They also start using your own “captured thoughts and habits” against you. It might feel a little digital, like your previous thought was played back to you extremely fast. 
  12. Once they do this and you are not wise because they are programming you with your own habits, thoughts, and then injecting fake feelings, and emotions they can now make you commit an act of violence. In my honest opinion, the victim is not guilty. The prep, military, politicians behind this are guilty. 
  13. They also use this technique in torturing TIs without making them do an act of violence, it can be used for just torture. They call this the “Dark Loop“.

Victims of this “Manchurian Candidate” torture are as follows in my honest opinion:

Myron Mays, Aaron Alexis, Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Rohinie , many more. 

They also setup individuals who are victims of this program by causing problems early in life to set them up for failure later in life. Here are some examples:

  1. Ruin your education. Then they will use this to against you later in life.
  2. Cause severe trauma like girlfriend problems, family problems etc. Then they feed this trauma with artificial thoughts and feelings. They can use this to make you into a murder later in life by feeding the trauma they caused (Dark loop programming).

In my opinion Myron Mays was EEG cloned and EEG Hetrodyned to a computer. What scares me “EXTREMELY MUCH!!!!” is that if you watch his videos on gang stalking he sounds like an educated, smart. However he went on to commit a horrible crime. I cannot understand why he would do such thing. ” IT SCARES THE CRAP OUT OF ME” It makes me think they used the “DARK LOOP PROGRAMMING”, cloned his thoughts to a computer, EEG Cloned him to a “sentient being” and used his feelings and thoughts against him into doing an horrible crime. This scared me so much as a victim, next day I immediately took my firearm and sold it consignment at the local gun shop because I know they are attacking me with the DARK LOOP. When I found out in 2011, someone spray painted “WELCOME TO HELL” on the road I lived at. Also my neighbors Cross on his front door was turned upside down.

Aaron Alexis complained of Tinnitus and not being able to sleep for days. CIA torture technique is to stop victims from sleeping because it makes it easier to control people. They are less alert. In my opinion they used Dark Loop programming on Aaron Alexis and cloned his thoughts. The Tinnitus is caused from the machine you are connected to and gives that ringing or frequency sound. Again when they clone your thoughts and feelings they can assault you to do something you don’t want to do.  It can be even worst!


The following people were Manchurian Candidates/Patsies

Aaron Alexis (A.A)

Myron Mays (M.M)

Sirhan Sirhan (S.S)

— See their names stick out, the first name and last name start with the same letters, and they are easy to remember. These people were chosen by a CIA Serial Killer Psychiatrist. This person is responsible for these murders not these people.

Lee Harvey Oswald (3 names)

Mark David Chapman (3 names)

James Earl Ray (3 names)

— See their names again stick out. Both have 3 names. They are easy to remember. Mark David Chapman was an easy person to use because he was a Christian and he didn’t like the fact that John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. This is a perfect excuse to use Chapman. Lennon at the time was a major problem to the US Government.

“This technology is in the wrong hands”. Innocent civilians are being brutally tortured, used, destroyed by garbage evil who has access to extremely advance technology. Its so sad, that this technology is being used not as national defense, but just crime, stealing “brain control people to buy your products”, cheating people who don’t agree with you, and more. This technology is not in the hands of your elected government, its in the hands of criminals!!!!!!

More on Dark Loop Programming:

Please be extremely careful of this and understand this extremely carefully. Its how they do dark loop programming that you need to be aware of! They talk to you (V2K or B2B) to get you to think about things that make you have a positive emotion or positive reaction on a thought. They capture that emotion and thought on their computer. This is at a very deep level in your brain. They are not looking for surface level emotions but “deep” level thought. Then when they capture this thought, they can use it against you when they do “Dark Loop Programming” against you. What they do is cause problems in your life like big bills, other big problems that cause distress. Then when you get emotionally down from these things, they feed that emotion with injected fake fabricated emotions that drive you into deep depression. Then they can give you negative thoughts like suicide or assaulting someone . ***** Then they inject your positive affirmation (Deep positive reaction in your brain) they captured earlier and feed your negative thoughts with positive affirmation *****. This easily can cause the victim to commit suicide or even murder! In my opinion this is designed by a military physiologist because you need very in-depth knowledge of how the brain works! Here is the scary part, is that these people are in my opinion brutal murderers. How many people have they destroyed or murdered or caused to be murdered with this technology. THIS IS AN INVISIBLE CRIME, once the victim is implanted, they can be assaulted remotely! Do not think this is science fiction this is 100% real and trust me they had this technology since 1960s!!!! The world needs to know about this and exactly what they can do because its not just innocent civilians getting assaulted, but politicians too! If you understand what I am saying you know this is a military weapon.

Voice Cloning:

Voice cloning is when they copy your voice exactly and your inner voice. When they do this they can start tricking you with thoughts that they inject very subtly that sound like your own inner thoughts from your inner voice. Also they can quickly add words to your speech that you don’t want to say with this technology. This is how to manipulate people and POLITICIANS. They can do this very easily. 

Though Injecting:

They can inject thoughts into your brain quite easily. They do this very quickly and subtly. They get people to do things they don’t want to do with this technique.

Robotization with eye positioning:

When EEG cloned to a person, computer (AI), or maybe an animal, they can manipulate your decisions by quickly making you move your eyes to a position. For example if you were looking at two things, they can move your eyes to the right thing and give you feelings towards that object. 

Injected Feelings:

They control your emotions with injected feelings. For example they can make you happy, lazy, confused,  and fearful. They can control you to do things you don’t want to with these injected feelings.

Memory Jamming:

They can jam your memory and debilitate your thinking process. They can cause you confusion easily with EEG cloning and other frequencies. Jamming your memory is very beneficial to them because they can start giving you injected thoughts. It is oppression.

Attacking your peace to drive you to severe depression, destroying your joy, etc

They will attack you on stuff you enjoy if they are trying to cause you to commit suicide or label you as mentally sick (Induce Schizophrenia). Why, because you are implanted and they don’t want this getting out so they try to break down the victims as follows to label them in front of family and friends as mentally sick or even drive victims to suicide so that there is less people who have implants and less people who can give away their secrets. X-ray, MRI imaging technology is getting better and they may in the future easily pick up these implants and they don’t want it out.  PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS SO YOU ARE AWARE WHY THIS IS HAPPENING TO YOU AND HOW THEY DO IT.

  1. If you get peace from a song or a certain type of music they will assault you when you listen to it to take away that joy and stress relieving moment. Why, they are trying to cause you to commit suicide or induce severe mental trauma so you get induced mental illness. They want you to be classified as mentally ill if you do not commit suicide.
  2. If you like playing sports and get pleasure from it. They will attack you there to destroy that pleasure. For example if you play a sport which you like and you throw a ball. They will get one of the “Worthless idiots” to move your arm when you throw to destroy that pleasure you are getting from it. They do this with EEG cloning remotely.
  3. If you have ambitions, they will attack you and try to steal your idea and destroy your hopes.
  4. They try as hard as they can to destroy your pleasure, peace, fun, anything that makes you happy. 

They use ” WORTHLESS DOGS” [I call them] to do this dirty work against innocent victims who’s lives are destroyed for a worthless experiment. Even these entities are so stupid the idiot told me one day that they are “Crackers”. Their job is to cause the stress I described above. 

The brutal failed evil worthless life form that is behind this is the evilest person to exist behind hitler. This loser goes to extreme lengths to destroy everything in my life. For example the moron keys my new car, breaks my new car door handle, breaks stuff around my home, hacks my phone and computer non stop, makes me restart my computer constantly at work, drains my phone battery when it is charged, changes prices on Amazon and Ebay when I am shopping, assaults my memory one of his “WORTHLESS DOGS” can feed my own thoughts, Even the idiot changed my test score for a certification I got to lower my score to induce stress on me. I studied extremely hard and took numerous practices these which I was getting high scores and then on the real test didn’t score well. The loser purposely lowered my test score to induce stress. Also even worst, the place I get the most peace at they attack me severely “CHURCH!” The losers attack me severely attack Church. Even Myron Mays said this that  is why I believe they used DARK LOOP PROGRAMMING on him and caused him to do an act of violence. 


What they say to me (Threats). It is scary and strange but I think its part of their trauma based torture.

  • I’ll kill you
  • I’ll kill your kids
  • I will make you a robot (mind controlled robot)
  • I will take your heart out and your kids heart out and make you mind controlled robots
  • I’ll cut your legs off
  • I’ll get you
  • I said let me feel good about myself or I will kill you. I swear to God
  • I have a gun and I will kill you with it
  • I will stab you to death if you don’t let him feel good about himself
  • I will make you use a manchurian candidate
  • I said if you don’t respect me I will kill you (This is because I rejected the criminal lifestyle these people offer. I said no to their offers. I also said horrible things back to them that are hurtful to them. 
  • I warning you
  • I have to be someone
  • I’ll get you stupid $%^!$%^ (racist swear words)
  • Take a Sh^%^ stupid %Y^ (racist swear words)  (Then they give me a frequency to go to washroom)
  • I will block their brains (My children’s) with my AI computer and stop their thought process. 
  • You’ll see your children don’t exist
  • I will jam your brain even further and stop you from thinking
  • I am reading or I will jam your brain (Why? I don’t know myself)
  • Jam his F@#$K$#N Brain, Jam his F@#$K@#N Brain.
  • I hate you F#@#$KEN !@#$!@#. I Hate you F@!#$#$@KEN @#$@#$!!! (racist words)
  • I’ll kill you F@#$@#$KEN #$#@$, I’ll kill you F@#$#@$KEN @#$$ (racists words)
  • I’m going to do something really bad to you!
  • Kill him! (He is telling his moron idiot army working for him to jam my brain so it is difficult to think clearly.)
  • He threatens to murder me non stop basically since 2011 when I found out and rejected their lifestyle.
  • He was trying to tell me to forgive Hitler, hate Jews, that some stupid order to society.

They threaten to kill me this way:

  • Car accident (Remotely hacked my car. See evidence about in the videos)
  • I’ll cause your car to catch on fire in a car accident. (Again they do this by hacking your car’s computer and causing car to send too much gas to the engine causing it to catch fire)
  • I’ll steer your car onto a cement barrier or on coming traffic.
  • I’ll give you a heart attack.
  • I can kill you on the spot
  • I’ll put you in a coma
  • I’ll kidnap you and torture you
  • I will steer your car to on coming traffic and send signals to trigger anti lock brakes to open up so braking fails. I will kill you buy auto accident.
  • I will make your car accelerate by enabling cruise control and steer your car off the side of the road and light it on fire buy making the computer send too much fuel to the engine remotely.

Sexual Assault Electronically

  • They cause me to get a very itchy bum
  • They cause me to itch my private parts
  • They electronically rape me and my wife. When we have intercourse they are connected to me and rape us.
  • They try to get me to masturbate or look at pornography
  • They put smells of men’s and women’s private parts in my face
  • They put smells of poo in my face
  • They look at women or try to get me to look a women non stop, especially the private part area. I am a good person and I never look at women that way.
  • They give me images of naked women private parts.
  • They give me images of them raping my wife and daughter.
  • They non stop lust after every women I come across. They say horrible things like you won’t believe. They say “Smell that @#$@#$, or Rape Rape Rape, etc”
  • They captured images of me having sexual intercourse throughout my life experiences and they create artificial pornographic dreams with the captured images. They use these for their own disgusting pleasure. I explained to them that anyone who willing accepts those artificial dreams and images stolen from me having intercourse are committing rape. Because the preps had to commit electronic rape to capture those images, feelings, etc. So anyone using these artificial dreams are committing rape themselves. That is a very serious crime!

Please note the perpetrators like using trauma based mind control techniques.  Trauma based mind control is created drive the victim into severe fear. They use visual images of shadow people, demons, holographic appearance of people (Yes this can be done),  to make the victim feel extreme fear. They also give the victim frequencies of fear. They do this to cause the victim to go into an induced schizophrenia state. The victim then starts to yell, tell family members, police, etcs that their life is in danger. (Like I said before if you do feel your life is in danger tell your family and the police!). The person is then diagnosed with schizophrenia. It is developed to drive the person to insanity. The person can end up in a mental home when trauma based mind control is used. They come up with the most weird, strangest dramas to drive fear into the victim. The dramas these people come up with are designed to get you to react. They are PROFESSIONALS at creating dramas to get you to react or ALSO CAUSE CONFUSION WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU. You need to understand the people doing this to you are not stupid. THEY ARE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS THAT STUDY HOW TO DO THIS TO PEOPLE AND CREATE THESE MANUFACTURED DRAMAS.

THESE PEOPLE ARE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS. THIS IS THEIR LIVING DOING THIS TO PEOPLE.  They use ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Computers. This is proven by others like Magnus Olsson) to assault people.

THE AI Computer can be left alone with the victim to monitor them 24×7 days of the week. NO HUMAN WOULD MONITOR ANOTHER PERSON 24×7 days of the week. That is why they use computers neuro (EEG Cloned) mapped to you or even genetically engineered being (This is strange but I think there is a truth here). The AI computers they military engineered for this purpose. Magnus Olsson indicated in a youtube video below that if all the victims of brain control have humans gang stalking them and following them that would require an huge amount of people. This cannot be true, it is impossible actually. They are using Artificial Intelligence and Engineered Being to do this to you. Yes there are also humans (The controllers) doing this to you too.

Basically there is a controller (Human), street level stalkers, and computers assaulting you. They use top secret technology that you won’t even believe if I told you to stalk you on the streets. These people are designed to assault and forget what they did and have no conscience of their actions. That is why these people do horrible things to people. The computers that are artificially intelligent also have no conscience and are designed to assault and monitor. In my case, there is a person (the controller human) who assaults me because he has a personal agenda against me. When these people told me what happened to me (1 of my perpetrators), I rejected all their views on life and BS. Ever since they been assaulting me more and more to the point they are trying to claim someone (Computer, or Computer assisted beings) was my actual brain. These people are using PUBLIC TAXPAYERS MONEY TO PERSONALLY ASSAULT ME. Their science experiment with me is over once I knew I was a victim and understood everything they can do to me. But they still continue to assault me because it is a personal attack on me because I rejected their views. The controllers (humans) have constant dialog with the street level and AI stalkers so they get that relationship with them. They become friends and when the experiment is over they don’t know what to do with the street level stalkers. They do not respect the victim, they have more conscience towards their street level stalkers.

The government agency or sub contractor responsible for this is TOTALLY CORRUPTED. They are using this system for personal gain (I know for a fact because they offered personal gain to me and I said no. That is why they also started attacking me more), they are using the system to personally assault people out side of their science experiments, It is a group in my opinion getting BLACK PROJECT MONEY that is going unaudited by government agencies and is TOTALLY CORRUPTED AND CONTROLLED BY A GROUP THAT IS CLOSED OFF to the regular government.  These people in my opinion are letting their families use this technology all based on TAXPAYERS MONEY.  ALSO THE TAX PAYING CITIZENS ARE BASICALLY PAYING TAXES TO GET ASSAULTED BY THE GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS.

This is what they are using this system for all based on PUBLIC TAXPAYERS MONEY. VIRTUAL REALITY PORNOGRAPHY. I AM NOT LYING. THEY DO THIS TO ME ALL THE TIME. The dreams they can give you are like virtual reality. You can, feel, taste, smell, etc in these dreams. They use this technology for VIRTUAL REALITY PORNOGRAPHY. IT IS DISGUSTING. They use frequencies they captured from raping other people, then they feed that into their AI computer they create this pornography. I experienced it and it is as like real. These people actually spend majority of their time in this pornography. THEY ARE USING PUBLIC TAXPAYERS MONEY to enjoy this pornography. TRUST ME I AM NOT LYING, THEY ATTACK ME WITH IT A LOT AND I REALLY DON’T LIKE IT BUT IT IS A COMPLETE CORRUPTION THAT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

In one of the videos with Magnus Olsson, he indicated that one victim of mind control was also shown virtual reality pornography. Also he indicate that the victim was shown mickey mouse cartoons. They do this to me too. One of the idiots shows me videos implanted into my brain of mickey mouse. They also play other cartoons. The cartoons come to you like you are watching tv but is put into your head via radio frequencies.

They have the tools to see through clothing and walls. They spend all their time using tax payer’s equipment and money to look at women’s private parts with this technology. This makes these people become brutal rapist. They can follow any women to their home with this technology and watch them privately. They can in most cases brain control them or their partner to engage in sex electronically. It is still rape even if it’s electronic.

They make some people involved in these experiments live a life based on trauma based mind control. Other people in the same experiment live the opposite life based on happiness. They create happiness by for example making you rich by brain controlling people to buy your for example products, or give you an invention that makes you rich. They also brain control people around you so things go in your favor. For example, say you went to buy something and you were short some money, they would brain control the cashier to say “Its ok” and let you buy the product with out the full amount. Trauma based mind control victims get the opposite. They manipulate people and events around you for the worst. They cause bad things to happen to you. For me it is trauma based mind control. They have done horrible things to me, my family, and my property.  They abuse me to the maximum. Since 2011 they been attacking me non stop because when I found out I rejected their views and lifestyle (crime). Since 2014, they been trying to make every choice I do (EVERYTHING, IT IS UNBELIEVABLE HOW THEY CAN DO IT AND WHY THEY WOULD DO THIS. IT IS A ROBOTIC AI ASSISTED BEING / ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. WHY WOULD A HUMAN WANT TO DO THIS 24×7 days a week), they try to force speech me non stop, they try to ghost walk me non stop (Make you get up and walk without you knowing), they jam my memory non stop. They block my feeling so my body feels numb and my smell. They block my taste when I am eating something I like. For some reason they are trying in my opinion to steal my personality, traits, and ability. It’s almost like someone else thinks he is me and they are trying to steal my identity for that person. Few of the perpetrators feel guilty of what they are doing and they try to manipulate people around me for my favor but I reject it. I told them I would rather lose my job then these people manipulate anyone of my leaders or coworkers for my advantage. They do brain control people around me a lot of times.

These people are serial murderers. The reason I say this is because they have caused innocent people to commit suicide who are part of their trauma based experiments. They have also caused people to do acts of violence. They are guilty of that crime even though someone else committed the crime physically. They have cost people millions of dollars by stealing their money using different methods. They have cost families to break a part. In my case they have abused 3 generations of my family. My family is unaware of this but myself, but they used my family members with brain control. This program is suppose to be a benefit to the U.S.A but it is the total opposite. The people doing this experiment have become serial murders, pedophiles, rapists, crooks, etc. They have been given access to extremely advance technology and they are using it for crime. For example, I know I am a victim, I documented on this website everything, I told people, I know what they are trying to do to me but still they are assaulting me. There is no experiment with me. I know everything they are trying to do. However, they are still assaulting me. Its because they are personally assaulting me because I rejected their criminal lifestyle and won’t do the criminal things they do.

These people try to steal my money. They say it in a horrible racist way to me “Lets Jew him”. Magnus Olsson lost a lot of money and the person in the Dr Robert Duncan interview above lost millions because of these people. How they steal my money is like this. They make my wife (Because she doesn’t believe she is also a victim of mind control) buy stuff that is really expensive. For example, they got her to fix the backyard, put a fence, fix the gutters, put new toilets, new sink, etc that costs 1000s of dollars. They do this to also cause me to get angry and stressed. They also damage my property (cars, scooter, computers (hacking), phones (hacking), etc. I got a new car and they scratched it very badly all over. Then I spent hours with a scratch remover polish on the car and waxed the car to fix it. After I was done the car looked really good. Then the next day there were new scratches. 

This is how they caused me to lose money with my cars:

Read carefully. You will see the pattern of how they work. You will see how they cause you financial loss. All cars can be hacked. They are so evil, they will make this look like it just by chance and you are paranoid. These accidents and vandalism happened between Sept 2014 and Dec 2017. If anyone can see clearly, they will see 5 accidents, 3 different cars, and they used my wife and mom who do not understand how remote mind control works to destroy me.

  1. My Dodge Van 2004 got oil changes on time every interval. It also had low kilometers. They hacked the computer and changed the timing and fuel injection when I was driving on the highway. This caused my van to start burning oil.
  2. The transmission light came on. I told my wife to not bother getting it changed because the van is burning oil and I was going to buy a new car. They used her with brain control to get it serviced. It cost over $1000 dollars. They hacked the vans computer to turn on the transmission light. There was really nothing wrong with it but the service cost was high.
  3. Just before the van started to burn oil, they caused the steering system to fail. They did this by hacking the computer and controlling the steering every time I was driving. See the videos I posted above on how they control your steering. This adds extra pressure to the steering system and caused it to fail. This was a $2000 dollar fix.
  4. My wife was driving my kids to swimming and she hit a concrete post in a parking lot. They caused this by assaulting her thought process while she was driving. She said she felt very tired at the time.
  5. My mom backed into a post and dented the rear bumper. They caused this by assaulting her thought process.
  6. My mom backed into a truck, the license plate number was 666 . Do you see 666, whats the chance of that.
  1. I bought a 2000 Mazda MVP from a dealer with very low kilometers, warrantied and in excellent condition. As soon as I brought it home, the next day there were big scratch marks on it. Very noticeable.
  2. My breaking system (Anti Lock), suspension of the van had to worked on. They caused this by hacking into the van while I was driving and constantly abusing my brakes. See the videos I posted on how they can control the breaks via the anti locking system on your car remotely. They also caused suspension problems by losing components while I slept. My van is parked outside in our car port. They are so evil, that this is what these people do at night.
  3. They caused my wife to get in a accident where a women cut her off and she backed up and hit a truck. The van was totaled. The used a women to cut her off and then they assaulted her thought process to make a bad decision. It sounds like I am paranoid but please continue reading and you will see the pattern.
  1. I bought a 2002 Honda Civic with very low kilometers from a dealer. The car had a warranty. When I brought the car home. the next day there were scratches and small dents all over. I called the police this time on that.
  2. They hacked that car and caused engine problems. I had to take it to Honda to get serviced and it cost me $2000 dollars.
  3. They started to stop my windows from rolling back up by hacking the computer. Then they stopped one of my windows not to go down. The dealer didn’t really say there was a problem but they sprayed silicon on it.
  4. They let the air out of my summer tires. I bought used tires for summer and the next day couple of the tires air was let out. I filled it up and they never went down again.
  5. They caused a car to turn left while we were going east bound on a straight road and made us get into a serious accident. The car quickly turned in front of us. My mother was driving the car. My car got totaled.
  1. I bought a 2009 Nissan Versa with very low KMs and passed inspection with no real major issues. They are now threatening to cause another accident. They are threatening to run over someone by taking over my car remotely and steering it into a pedestrian or to incoming traffic. They are threatening to cause another accident so that I become un-insurable and totally destroy my life and my children and other people who depend on me. Why are they doing this. In 2011, 1 of my perpetrators told me what happened to me. That I was a victim of non consensual experimentation, non touch torture. He offered me financial gain based on crime. They wanted to sell a bad idea to a high profile company where the perpetrator would accept my idea via brain control by one of the executives in that company. I SAID NO TO HIM. After this point, they started to torture me more and more. I decided to move my family out of the country to escape them because I thought it was local, but this did not help. They have satellites that can assault you from anywhere on earth. In 2014, they started to brutally torture me non stop. I started to yell back at these people explain that they have to die one day and face God and they will be punished for the crimes they committed against me. I also embarrassed these people verbally because on of the idiots assaulting me thinks he is a genius and I completely embarrassed him making him look like an idiot in front of his friends. Now they are even more torturing me. He keeps saying “Turn it up” and mentally deficient morons working for him start assaulting me even more,
  1. I bought a 1992 VW GTI as a fun classic sports car. The car was driving extremely well no problems. My perpetrators removed 1 wheel stud from my front passenger wheel. I didn’t know and drove the car. When I was driving (thankfully very slowly), the other three wheel studs snapped off and the wheel came off the car. The wheel caused my front panel to get badly damaged. My car disk brake grinded on the road and that got destroyed.  He also modified the electronics in the car. He is causes different lights to come on when driving and some lights not to work like my rear brake lights. He also took a screw driver and punched the door with it. He also put more than 20 scratches on the front hood of the car. He also took a screw driver to my Nissan and Honda. I called the police for the damage to the Honda but they dismissed it.

Do you see what they did, 6 car accidents (My Wife and Mom driving on majority of them), auto repair bills, vandalism to my cars, and more. Do you see how they used my Wife and Mom to get into car accidents and not me. I know I am a victim and I know they can control my car remotely and assault my thinking pattern so I drive as extremely safe as possible. My Wife and Mom do not understand these things so these people are using them to destroy my property and cause me financial loss. How come 2 cars had warranty’s but had problems that warrantied cars shouldn’t have? They hacked the computer and caused problems.

They also caused my house’s main water line to break which cost 4K to fix. They caused my wife to have a miscarriage. This gave my wife and children extreme trauma. They caused my furnace to stop working and other appliances. I am not stupid and know the difference between equipment failure and a criminal con man stealing from innocent victims. Why do I believe they caused the miscarriage is because this criminal is trying to induce severe mental trauma on me and he assaults everyone around me to do it. These crimes occurred in sequence with the car problems and not years apart.

These people say horrible racist things to me. They say every racist word you can think of. They say horrible things about Black people, Jewish, Brown, Chinese, etc. They say horrible racist remarks.  They say F@#$K Jew, F!@#$K Packy, F#$%K Nigger, F#$%K Chink to me and people of those backgrounds I see. Before I knew I was a victim they used to say  F@#$K Jew F@#$K Jew F@#$K Jew into my head every time I saw a Jewish person at my office. Also F@#$K Packy F@#$K Packy F@#$K Packy, F@#$K Nigger, etc every time I saw a brown person or a black person. I have many Jewish and black friends so it is differently not my brain saying these things. My guess it is also part of their trauma based mind control or they are racist people behind this. For example if you have a fear of something or believe something they will attack that fear or belief. They will create dramas on your fears. (THESE PEOPLE ARE PROFESSIONS THAT ARE PAID I THINK TO DO THIS, THEY ARE NOT STUPID). They know how to get you into a drama where you believe its true but its all based on lies for their experiment.

They also been telling me since about 2014, I’ll let you go, we are letting you go, we’ll tell your wife, I’ll come introduce myself, i’m trying to help you,  I’m a good man, etc. But nothing changes. This is to drive you into depression even further. It causes you to feel like committing suicide by giving you hope that you will be free but it never happens.

If you are a victim, don’t fall for this the way i did. Understand the following text and don’t fall for their trap!!!!

They use voice cloning to sound like other people. They act like other people to cause confusion to the victim. They did it to me for a long time and I fell for it. I even called the cops thinking someone was helping me and it turned out the perpetrator was acting like a person I knew and the real person had no clue what was going on. They act like people around me like friends and I fell for that too emailing a friend asking them what is happening to me and they had no clue. They also act like politicians and other people of stature.  Like I have said DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD OR ANYTHING THESE PEOPLE TELL YOU. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL LIARS. THEY DO THIS FOR A LIVING AND EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU IS BASED ON SOME LIE THEY THOUGHT OUT TO EXAMINE YOUR BRAIN. THEY GIVE YOU FREQUENCIES TO HELP THEIR LIE. FOR EXAMPLE FEAR FREQUENCIES (Extreme fear. and shakes) WHEN THEY THREATEN YOU. ITS ALL THOUGHT OUT PLAN.  IT IS DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE IT IS REAL. THEY WILL USE FEAR TO DRIVE A PERSON TO AN INDUCED PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIC STATE. IT IS THOUGHT OUT FOR A PURPOSE. ONCE THE VICTIMS BELIEVES THEIR LIES THEY BECOME DISCREDITED WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM BECAUSE PEOPLE AROUND THEM BELIEVE THEY ARE MENTALLY SICK.


If you can make an innocent normal sane person to commit a serious crime you have a WEAPON THAT CAN BE USED FOR WAR AND POLITICS. Basically you can make an innocent person kill another person and no one will know the truth that that person was used with brain control by the miltary, cia, nsa, fbi, political leader to assassinate someone else. With this weapon you can murder people and your crime will go unnoticed

How they discredit you so people don’t believe you

  1. Induced Schizophrenia – usually paranoid delusional schizophrenia.
    1. They do this to discredit you by making you look mentally sick to your family, friends, and doctors.
    2. Why: Once you are made to look mentally ill, no one will believe you. They hide their crimes like this because no one will believe what you say once you are mentally ill (Induced).
    3. How: They use torture, computers (AI), and other techniques. They attack you 24×7 non stop. They can make a computer (AI) sound like a real person and to assault you via V2K remotely 24×7. You will see that sometimes these attacks happen in loops because it is a computer attacking you following a torture script. Dr Robert Duncan said they are chatter bots, designed to make you react. They will also assault your favorite things. For example, if you like playing guitar, they will assault you more when you do that. Its to drive you to madness, anger, and other emotions. When they do this, it induces different mental symptoms that lead to INDUCED SCHIZOPHRENIA. They also will play on your fears. They will show you images of demon like people, they say they will murder you or your family, and other things. This is to INDUCE PARANOID SCHIZOPHRENIA.
  2. Suicide – This is to hide their crimes.
    1. Why: They do this to hide their crimes because they experimented on you without consent. Also there is less people talking about abuses that these people did. Also you cannot sue them if this ever becomes public.
    2. How: They will steal your money and at the same time while giving you hope that never comes. They do this by telling you “We are done with you, we are giving you your life back”, “We will pay you for what we did to you”, “We will give you money”. This gives you hope that you will get your life back. At the same time they secretly steal your money. They do this by for example causing you fake auto repairs that are extremely costly. They cause computer problems that cost you money to repair. They steal money in many ways. If you read this site I show you videos on how any car on the road can be hacked wirelessly and the computer changed to make it look like there are problems when there are none. Also I explain how they can hack computers in many ways and make it look like there are problems. They give you hope that never comes and then they steal large sums of money from you. This drives people to sever depression. Also at the same time they non stop assault you with mind control. This will drive some people to commit suicide.
  3. Act of Violence – They do this to discredit you by making you look mentally ill.
    1. Why: It discredits you and makes you look mentally ill. It hides their crimes by make your word of what happened to you useless.
    2. How: They make you kill somebody. What they do is they trick you using mind control to think that some innocent person is the person assaulting you. Then you go out to attack them to stop this. See above for more information on this. They also will make you assault someone for no reason. This also is to make you look mentally ill. EVEN MORE SCARY, WITH EEG CLONING AND EXTREME BRAIN CONTROL, SOMEONE CAN CONTROL YOU TO KILL SOMEONE.

They are following a torture script on me. Like I said above this scripted is based on trauma based mind control. The torture script is all based on fear. It is the AI computer assaulting you majority of the time. However. the other “soldiers” involved, come do physical dirty work to make it more real. They do physically assault and push you hard (Usually only to a certain point) to make it more real but the mental torture is all done by AI. It is to drive the victim into paranoid delusional schizophrenia. Like I said they do this to discredit you and hide their crimes. Tell your family and kids that you been a victim and how they torture you. If they kill you by heart attack or other ways, your family can sue these people if this ever becomes public knowledge and the criminals are busted. Your kids can sue the government for you and them. If you are a victim, then most likely your family is victimized also as a part of their trauma based mind control.

The “tools” lets call them, idiots used to cause victims to be labelled as mentally ill, hospitalized, or even act of violence call themselves “Crackers”. Their job is to Crack victims to label them as mentally ill. That is why they follow a torture script on you and constantly attack you. Why do they do this? It’s because true victims are implanted with nano devices. They do not want this technology out. If it was just satellite that can read your brainwaves and no implants then why would they torture you after you find out the truth about being a victim? ITS BECAUSE YOU ARE IMPLANTED AND THEY WANT TO KEEP IT A SECRET. Mri imaging or brain scanning through concrete walls to read your mind is lies. You are implanted and at times they have to be really close to you.

One psychological torture technique they use is designed to destroy your positive affirmative thought. This is hard to explain, but the brutal evil person behind this does this to his victims and it is designed to destroy people mentally. I cannot explain this well so I will give you an example of how they destroy your brain’s positive affirmative thought process. Again it is to destroy you mentally.

Real Example

  1. You are studying for a test with online material.
  2. You study for months and feel you have a very good understanding.
  3. You take practice exams and do very good and feel that you can pass the test.
  4. You take your test but fail badly.
  5. You don’t know why you failed so badly because you studied very hard and you passed practice tests.


  1. The person who is doing this and people around him have access to military cyber warfare technology.
  2. He is a “psychologist” for the military and is being used to study peoples brains. He is also used to destroy victims into mental illness, depression, suicide because they have implants and this project has had people “Blow the Whistle” on it and the public are finding out. They don’t want their technology coming out (implanted nano tech. Read David Larson report!).
  3. They altered the site you are studying from. I know for a fact, I seen it done even on Ebay and Amazon prices!!!. They can alter any content on websites, images, text, anything.
  4. They altered your practice tests and the practice test results.
  5. They modified your exam scores.

They usually do this to victims they want to cause depression, mental breakdown, even suicide to.  It is to destroy all your positive affirmative thought process. 1 you think you have studied well and understand the topic, you take test and fail. This breaks you down mentally!.

These people doing this to victims are extremely deceitful, extremely evil, extremely dangerous. The worst part is these criminals have access to USA “CYBER WARFARE TECHNOLOGY”. 

They can alter any website, prices, information, exam questions, exam scores,  alter TV streaming in real time (changing voices, what you here, even with computers the picture it self [this tech is coming out now]), They can alter Youtube videos in real time, Google searches (Also other search engines), they can hack computers wirelessly that have their WI-FI and/or Ethernet cables unplugged, they can hack phones and connect to them without a SIM card and/or WI-FI turned on. Its because they have access to USA Cyber Warfare Technology. They can hack any traffic light and cause head on collisions (green / green lights), they can hack majority of the cars dating back to electronic fuel injections (Steering, Brakes, Acceleration), they can hack older cars by beaming them with EMP weapons that cause them not to start, they can hack elevators (Even cause elevator crashes). This is not civilian technology, it is USA CIA, Military, Cyber Warfare, FBI, NSA technology!!!!!  

Giving me visual images:

These people steal my ideas. For example I wanted to build a guitar amp. So they jam my brain when I start thinking about it. Then they give me their designs of my idea. The images they give me are very clear. They also give me ideas based on my likes. For example they know I like a design, so they give me amp ideas based on my likes. Then they claim they are my brain. I also like cars. They give me images of cars that are very clear. For example if I like a muscle car like a Trans AM, they give me images of that car in the way I like cars to look like with after market parts and their thoughts added on. The images they give me are very clear.

Voting Fraud:

When we had federal and civic elections in Canada these people blocked certain websites of political party’s to me. I wanted to read the platforms of the party’s and they blocked access where the page wouldn’t load properly. When I went to vote, they actually tried to vote for me and was right there in the voting both looking at what I was seeing and trying to decide for me. They tried to block my thinking part of my brain when I wanted to decide between the leader I wanted to elect. THIS IS WORST THAN COMMUNISM. THIS BASICALLY MEANS THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY AND NO RIGHTS AT ALL.

Making you think they are God:

They can make it look like they are singing songs on the radio to you. They can make it look like they are talking on TV or youtube. They can make images of people, statues. etc look a live and it’s them. It’s a trick of the brain with brain control and hidden technology also.  They use this technology to trick people into thinking they are God or God is giving them signs. They are so evil, that they make the Crucifix at my Church look like it’s them on it instead of Jesus. They make images of Jesus look like it’s them somehow. Its like what the Bible says “The image of the beast” which goes with the “Mark of the beast” being a brain transmitter on your forehead.  They even go to create situations which are planned in advanced like making certain cars (with brain control) drive by you with license plate numbers that add up to 7 (Holy number in Christianity). They will also manipulate the radio station to play certain songs. They can manipulate youtube videos and your TV channels in real time to make it look like they are God. You have to understand the person behind this has access to extremely advance technology. He has caused innocent people to be serious brainwashed into believing they are gods or special people because they have access to this technology. He is so brainwashed and committed to his life of crime that he goes out of his way to create false miracles. Trust me they will fabricate “ANYTHING” to create false miracles. They can do stuff to your body that is strange which would make you believe it’s a miracle but it is not. THEY ARE NOT GODS, its just technology that has been hidden from the public since after WW2.

Using wild/domesticated animals as spies:

With implants they can see through your eyes. So they have been using wild /domesticated animals implanted as spies. If you were in a top secret military compound and saw a crow on a tree (Real Crow) or flock of birds would you think twice? NOPE. You wouldn’t even know that bird was implanted and REMOTE CONTROLLED. They can make any animal remote controlled. When they implant them, the people using those animals can see through their eyes and hear what the animal hears. Those animals are now spies. Becareful this is not science fiction this is reality! Do you think they would implant some powerful leader’s pet dog? Sure they already have! Get this, they can do this right in your backyard, house, etc. No hospital required. They have Area 51 tech. No they are not aliens, its human and its all military! This image below of a scientist looking through a cats eyes with brain implants is primitive tech. They had much more advance tech since the 60s.

Voice to Skull:

This is my theory of how to prove you are a victim of V2K. Use the following technology to convert your thoughts to speech. My guess when you are getting assaulted with V2K, it translates to thought. This technology can convert thought into speech.



Scares of implanted Victims:

This image shows where typical mind control victims or people who are implanted have scares. They also have scares on the back of their necks, front of their necks, and straight down their stomach in the middle. Usually there is a faded line, discoloration, or dimple like mark in these areas, They implant devices by cutting these areas with lasers type cutting instruments then they medically glue the cut marks up (See at the top of this sight for a video of the glue used). You don’t need to be in a hospital to do this, they can walk into any home at night and do this while you sleep. That is how they are implanting people now. How do they walk into your house? They have technology that you won’t believe if i told you. They hide the nano wire with material bonded to the skull.

scaresofvictins (1)

See the line straight down the belly. They cut people like this but it is more faint and wider.


Victims please understand this:

V2K is like having a wireless phone call with another person or a group call. Now if a telemarketer called you at home and started giving you advice about your life or to do certain things or buy certain things would you listen? NO YOU WOULDN’T.  So it is important to understand V2K is a wireless cell phone call. Do not for the life of you trust the prep[s] talking to you. These preps always follow a script on their victims. The script no matter what drama they play on you or delusion they come up with is all based on Good Cop/Bad Cop. 1 prep plays the good cop and the other plays the bad cop. The truth is BOTH COPS IN THIS DRAMA ARE PURE EVIL. DO NOT TRUST BOTH SIDES. They go to extremely lengths to fabricate this drama to gain your trust. If you have any brains, DO NO TRUST THE GOOD OR BAD COP.  Always remember that it is just a phone call with the preps so don’t take advice over the phone!

How to live while getting tortured:

1) Eat a lot of green vegetables and nutritious food. Eat food that helps the brain.

2) Exercise. This is important with diet to raise your natural frequencies over the attackers frequencies. Exercise is good for the brain if they start jamming your memory.

3) Do things, do not sit on the couch all day or watch tv all day. Go out, play music, do stuff. It is important to keep doing stuff. More stuff you do in the day the better it is. Even when getting tortured do stuff. 

4) Go hiking or out in the woods. There is less radio frequencies and it gives you stress relieve.

5) Meditate or do yoga.

6) Sleep. The less sleep you have, the easier it is to be manipulated. Your brain will not be as sharp and they can assault you easier. However, these people can have easy access to your house so be careful. You can setup an infrared camera and motion sensors. The less sleep you have, you will also probably go into depression because of it.

7) Put lots of plants in your house. Read NASA’s top oxygen and cleaning plants and add them to your house. Oxygen is important when your brain is getting assaulted.

8) Put beautiful pictures, nice smelling candles, flower plants in your home.

9) Do stuff with your family.

10) Do stuff with your friends.

11) Do charitable stuff and good deeds.

Brain Transmitter Antenna. My theory, please comment:

Brain control antennas. There are antenna’s that are 1 directional and antennas that are multi directional which transmitter all directions. This is my theory of how it works but I am still investigating:

  1. The victims brain transmitter is transmitting using an omni antenna. Omni antennas broadcast in all directions, not single direction. This is like a WiFi antenna in your house that sends the signal to all rooms. This type of antenna is not like a satellite dish antenna because that is directional. This type of antenna cannot broadcast far with out lots of power. So if the victim’s brain transmitter is using an omni antenna the perpetrators have to be close to them to pickup the signal then they can amplify that and send it anywhere in the world. The perpetrators can use both a directional (Satellite Dish, or Omni) antenna to send radio frequencies into the victims brain through brain transmitters. If they are using a directional antenna (Satellite Dish), they can beam you from any distance as long has they can point the antenna at you. If they are using Omni antenna, they have to have an transmitter that is massively powered to beam you from a far distance or they have to be close to you if they don’t have a that much power.
  2.  They are using radar and you have implants that helps the radar waves reflect your brain signals back to them. Radar is directional. That is the radar has to be pointed at you to get the signal back to the perpetrators. If they are using radar, then they can use satellite in space to beam radar waves at you then get your reflected brainwaves back to the satellite. They can also use radar like a radar gun and point it at you to get your brainwaves. 
  3. Another theory is that the implants do not require a battery source. It’s like some types of Passive RFID which don’t require batteries. These types of RFIDs get energized when the electromagnetic wave is transmitted to it from the receiver. It does not require an internal power source. I suspect the implants on TIs and nano wire get energized when the preps beam you with their electromagnetic wave. Then those implants amplify your brainwaves out back to the receiver. You might wonder why you can’t see the implants, its because they are extremely advance and nano. Read Larson report at the top of this site and you can see some examples of wire implants. Also the implants are designed to look like human tissue the wire like veins but extremely small! 

Blocking this. Radar can be used to detect tunnels deep in the earth. The radar has to be pointed at the tunnel opening. If you go into a tunnel that is not directly visible to the radar then you can probably escape it. The problem is the perpetrators have access to top secret technology and can follow you into that tunnel without you knowing. Many people have tried to escape but failed because the perpetrators have access to technology that is so advance that it allows them to go to the place you are going (Underground complex) without you knowing. Also if the underground complex has a vertical opening to the ground, then they can use radar beams.

You can also use multilayered faraday’s cage to block the radio waves. 

If someone knows radio frequencies better, please update https://solutionforbraincontrol.com

Jamming your EMF Readers:

This is how not to discredit yourself in front of other people and your family. Please note EMF readers give off alarms on some victims. The perpetrators have the technology to cause that EMF reader to give off false readings. So if you get a positive reading and them go tell your family, then your family will use that device on themselves and get a positive reading. Then they will say that you are sick because both of you got positive readings and they do not have the same symptoms.  They can jam any electronic device. Some of these devices work, but they are professionals at causing false readings on devices with wall penetrating technology. The technology allows them to point at something and it will disrupt the electronic device.  FIND AWAY TO SHIELD THE DEVICE WHEN USING ON YOURSELF, THEN LET US ALL KNOW HOW WE CAN DO THE SAMEhttps://solutionforbraincontrol.com.

They can do these magical tricks with secret technology:

  1. They can reduce water in your cup by beaming it with a device (Top Secret)
  2. They can make your water in your cup overflow by beaming it with a device (Top Secret)
  3. They can jam any electronic equipment (Computer, LCD screen, LCD touch screen, speakers, (Even cassette players of old, analog devices), cellphone, and all other electronic devices by beaming with with a device. (Top Secret)
  4. They can push an item from a distance with a beam. (Top Secret).


If you are being tortured or are a victim of this program, write down everything that is happening to you. Document everything. Every once in a while you need to print your documentation and archive it at home. If you have important information you know, SHARE IT WITH OTHERS ONLINE IMMEDIATELY. DO NOT HOLD INFORMATION SHARE IT!!!!!! SHARE IT WITH YOUR FAMILY ALSO

This program when being experimented on or tortured will purposely clear your short term memory. If you write down what is happening to you before it clears your short term memory you can see the pattern!!!!! Then you will understand it is a script they and it (AI) is following. They use scripts to force you into a certain choice or paths. They torture you also for certain reasons.

How to document.

  1. Create a website like I did on word press. Keep updating your website. Put a date on it so people know it is not out of date.
  2. Document it on your computer then print it once in a while into a book when you get enough information.

Examples of point form documentation to make it easier for you (Real life example of what they do to me):

— They clear my short term memory, then they give me their advice

— They are torturing my right wrist so I move it. The torture goes in a loop, first my wrist, then my feet, legs, neck, then after a while it starts again.

— it feels like there is constant movement on my head, sometimes there is constant thoughts that are beamed into me that are complete off topic what I an thinking of. They use EEG cloning to do this.

Also meet with other victims. Associate with victims and connect with them. Physically meeting people is even better. Let others know you are a victim. If the preps are threatening you, tell other TIs that know you by name. These preps do not want you to associate with other TIs. They want you isolated and labelled mentally sick, or drive you to suicide. Connect with other TIs on Facebook.

Never hold a secret. If you find out something about the preps or the technology used, let others know ASAP. Do not ever hold a secret because you can be killed for secrets. Once it is out, then you are of no use.

Dark Loop Programming Torture Algorithm

Good cop, bad cop.

Bad cop tortures you remotely v2k or b2b (muscle cramps, fake flue symtoms etc).

Good cop tells you to listen to him and he is trying to help you.

TRUTH: Good cop is pure evil! There is no good cop V2K B2B, Would you listen to a telephone marketer you don’t know over the phone telling you advice about your life? NEVER! So never trust a single voice V2K or B2B. They use AI voice cloning and automation. You think its a person its not a majority of the time! Also when you start listening they capture your deepest inner most thought process. Basically how you listen to feed back, When they capture that you are FINISHED!, they can program thoughts into your brain by taking advantage of your feedback port basically.

Like I said good cop is pure evil. NEVER EVER TRUST V2K or B2B for your LIFE!

== Clear your short term memory.

They clear your short term memory on purpose. Why? Their AI gives you thoughts based on your life. Their AI is capturing everything you do. For example when you are writing something they will clear your short term memory and then instantly their AI will give you advice based on a collection of your previous thoughts. To be honest this is not necessary. They could have paid someone to be a victim.

— Torture you more when you are in front of the public.

This technique is used to make victims look mentally sick. Pay Attention! When you are in crowded public places (Bus, Train, Work, etc) they torture you even more. You can sense that they turned the torture up actually. Why? Because the victim starts making faces and acting strange and then public people start thinking that person is mentally sick. If you go to a train station daily thats a perfect spot for them. Why because the same group of public people usually go to the same station daily, They will start thinking you are mentally ill. Now your name is totally destoryed slandered!

They also assault your thinking process when speaking in front of co-workers or public. Why, they try to make your co-workers think you are strange or mentally ill . What they do is when you are explain something they quickly make you say something totally incorrect. For example “This computers CPU has the ability to reach .. ” But you will actually say “This computers CASE has the ability to reach …” They gave you a quick though visually while talking in real time and made you say CASE. Now your co-workers think you are stupid because what you said makes no sense. They do this often to victims and then overtime your co-workers think you are strange or mentally ill!

IMPORTANT: I want to highlight the person behind this is a Psychologist. A Miltary Psychologist . These torture scripts are well thought out. Its not trivial. This person is pure unimaginably evil. Actually I have come to the realization there actually a serial killer who has access to this technology. Why would I say this. Here are some victims of brain control (Myron Mays, Aaron Alexis, Sirhan Sirhan). I can give you more actually. If you look at those names they stick out. They have a ring to them. Why? The first and last names start with the same letter. See there is some “PHYCOLOGICAL” factor at play here by using these victims. Also all these victims were mapped. They were B2B EEG Mapped and programmed into what they did. They are innocent of their crimes. Once mapped, they can serialize a stream of thoughts (YOUR PERSONAL THOUGHTS PROGRAMMED TOGETHER) and inject that right into your thought process realtime. They can save individual or collection of your thoughts and program those into choices and give them back to you. ITS NOT SCIENCE FICTION. THOSE PEOPLE ARE INNOCENT.

Another point is Harvard University is guilty of crimes that are unimaginable and I personally think this Military Psychologist works for or has direct connections to this university. I want to bring up the Uni-bomber. I actually think he is innocent of his crimes and the real person who is guilty is Harvard University. Why, because mind control programming. With mind control programming B2B EEG (Brain to Brain or Computer to Brain) they can program your though process. Part of their programming technique is to cause events in your life that induces mental trauma. That trauma is fed with injected thoughts B2B to in enhance negative choices. With trauma and injected thoughts to enhance negative choices you can easily program Uni-Bomber. Another person that comes up but i’m not entirely sure is Son of Sam. Again the name has a ring to it

Faradays Cage:

I built a Faradays Cage with aluminium and shielding paints. It is not working to stop the attack on me. I think they are using ELF or scalar waves which are hard to block and magnetic technology. I plan to modify my faradays cage to make it into a pyramid shape. Why, I think this will reflect the waves better (Angles make radar bounce off with radar absorbent material). I plan on adding Magnetic shielding foil or plates all over, plus radar absorbent material (If I can find some), plus wire mesh around the cage, microwave absorbent material, and velostat. I think this will strengthen it.


I plan on getting a steal faradays cage built with steal fully enclosed. If that costs to much money I am looking into getting a 250 gallon propane tank that i will modify into a faradays cage. I plan on adding copper foil, Mu metal, and other radio frequency blocking material. I plan to layer it so that the layers are separated by no conductive material. I think you need magnetic shielding.  To get a better affect you need to bury your faradays cage underground.

Benefits of Mind Control

  • They can make a retarded person think normally to a point
  • They can make handicap people move their limbs
  • They can cure blindness. They can inject images into blind peoples brains through frequencies and implants. They can give you virtual reality dreams already, they can use this to cure blindness.
  • They can take away your pain so they can do surgery on you without medicine.
  • You won’t need a cell phone in the future because you can use artificial telepathy across the globe for free
  • You can connected (Neuro Mapping/EEG Cloning) to another person and share thoughts, memory, communicate like you are together.
  • You can experience what is like to be a man or a women by neuro mapping/eeg cloning to them)
  • You can see through another persons eyes
  • You can go into virtual reality assisted by AI computer like the holodeck on star trek
  • You can fix a persons vision without eye glasses
  • You can tell if a person is a guilty of a crime by neuro mapping/eeg cloning to them and reading their thoughts
  • You can extend a persons life who has a brain injury
  • You can cure most brain injuries or trauma
  • You don’t need to get sick like cold and flu anymore because you can override those feelings with feelings of good health by beaming those frequencies into your head.
  • You don’t have to worry about MS, Parkinson’s, or other degenerative diseases because you can beam frequencies into your head to override those ones.
  • They can beam videos into your brain and it can appear like holograms or even onto the walls in your house.
  • They can capture all of implanted victims brain frequencies and store that in a computer. What they are trying to do right now which is extremely advance is to capture peoples lives and save them in digital format. Then they can replay the captured frequencies onto the same person or onto another person and then those people can experience someone else life. For example, when you are doing some activity, they can capture your frequencies during that activity. Then later, upload those frequencies onto another person and they will re-experience what you did just as you did it but in virtual reality. Feelings, smells, tastes, etc. It is like virtual reality or like the holo-deck in star trek. The CIA with brain control has already been doing dream programming. They already can give virtual reality dreams to victims. Now when they save a persons frequencies, they can replay them onto someone else and that person will experience in virtual reality. Actually this would make an really good product to sell to consumers. Imagine recording your family vacations and saving them to re-experience in virtual reality at a later date? You might think this is not possible but I am telling you they are already doing this. An implanted victims vision can be recorded and all other senses. I showed how a scientist looked through a cats eye in this website and that technology used on the cat is very primitive compared to what the CIA and US Military has.

Stuff they can do with mind control that is strange:

  • They can change your skin color.  It’s not sci-fi, human brain works on frequencies, they can isolate frequencies then beam them back to you. They can make a dark person light skinned and a light skinned person dark skinned. They showed this to me. They can do it very fast. This is a picture of a dark person turning light. This is a fake disease in my opinion. It is done with brain control. I said these people say racists stuff to me a lot. Read what I posted above. This people might want to make a fake disease on getting rid of dark colored people or even see what it would be like to turn a dark person into a white person to see the reaction in society. THIS DOES SOUND STRANGE, BUT I AM NOT LYING AND IN MY OPINION FROM THEM TELLING ME IT IS TRUE. These people are examining peoples brains “They think the are scientists like “Lets turn a dark skinned person light and see how society reacts”. They are GARBAGE OF THIS WORLD AND A COMPLETE CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. Mind works on frequencies. Every thought is a frequencies. Every movement you make is a frequency. They can isolate frequencies that means they can change your body with different frequencies.
  • Every muscle movement is a frequency. You can actually shrink your body parts or grow them if you master the brain frequencies.
  • Your face is made of up many muscles. You can capture the facial brain frequencies off one person and project them onto another person and you can make another persons face change to look like another. With changing of skin color, facial muscles, hair and more you got “MASTER OF DISGUISE” . MY Question is who has this technology and what are they doing with it? Another question for you is how did they get this technology?
  • Spontaneous Human Combustion? People who have died from spontaneous combustion were murdered. The current thought on this is false because the police don’t see a fuel source that caused the victim to catch on fire. They claim in their investigation that the victim had a chemical imbalance that caused him/her to combust spontaneously. The real truth here is the victim was murdered. They were implanted and beamed with radio waves. The implants embedded in the body cause the burning when it is beamed with high strength radio waves. THIS IS MURDER using high technology. Now that military radio “microwave” technology is becoming known to the public, you can easily see that this is the truth. Someone needs to re-open cases of victims who died by spontaneous combustion because they were MURDERED!Just a note that some publicly known RFID chips are called passive. This is because they contain no batteries to power them. When they are beamed with radio waves from the receiver, they get energized and start to work. This is one of my theories on implants they used on TIs but they are not like the public RFID, they are extremely more advance and smaller. Now if you beam these devices with a stronger radio beam, it can cause it to over heat, catch on fire, and cause the victim internal burning.

Dangers of Mind Control

  • They can cheat sports games by beaming (players individually on one team [ with use of computers] ) frequencies that make you feel like your body is tired, muscles hurt, etc. I AM 100% SURE THEY ARE DOING THIS NOW!!!!
  •  They can read your mind so there is no privacy. The law can read your mind to see if you committed a crime. 
  • They can beam a very large area with different frequencies with satellites. For example they can beam a large portion of a country. They can beam any frequency (Happy, Hate, Rage, Lazy, Confusing, etc) to a large population. In my opinion, they are doing this to a lot of countries. I think they do this to Africa/India a lot. Remember this, for the preps to read your brainwaves you need to be implanted. For the preps to assault your brainwaves you do not need to be implanted, they can use a radio beam. To do EEG cloning or EEG Hetrodyning against you, they have to implant you. 
  • These people who are involved in this crime most likely got free university degrees. How? They got someone to give them answers to exams via V2K and also with EEG cloning. I think they all live the good life on based on crime. You can easily cheat your way in life with brain control weapons. Like I said cheat companies to buy your products by brain control.
  • Does the USA have enemies? I don’t think so, why? Its because with this technology you can brain control any leader you want like for example north korean leader. You can use EEG cloning with EEG hetrodyning and then make that leader come meet you publicly. Then why do US have wars? Its because they need enemies to fund the military. You might wonder how they implant foreign leaders? They can walk right into their house in north korea while he is sleeping and implant him without nobody even high tech cameras noticing. You would need to use extremely specialized infra red or thermal camera to possibly detect them. They can implant you all over your body and the next morning you wouldn’t know nor have any side affects (They can hide side affects with brain control). You need a trained eye to see the cut marks because they are using high tech glue like I showed at the top of the site and the lines left after being glued are hard to see.

Please comment on this site if you want. Thanks!

Note: I have been a victim of trauma based mind control for 42+ years. It started in 1977 when I moved to Canada with my family. I remember when and what they did to me my entire life.  I know for a fact that I am EEG cloned to a computer and another person (Read Matrix Deciphered by Dr Robert Duncan). They constantly alter my thinking, torture me with different muscle pains, clear my memory, and debilitate my brain. They have at least tortured me and assaulted my brain every day since 1977. I know for a fact! I haven’t had a single private day in my life! In 2011 one of my perpetrators told me, I ended up rejecting all their views and offers. They started to assault me more. I moved out of Canada for 2 years but the torture followed but not as severely. I moved back in 2014 and they started severely torturing me. They non stop try to move me like my body parts, force speech me, try to jam my brain think for me, and torture me. They do this via EEG cloning and EEG Hetrodyning. Read Matrix Deciphered by Dr Robert Duncan

One note is that I think I was selected for torture based mind control experiment. Like I said I have been basically tortured everyday with circular muscle pains, mind assault, privacy lost since I was 4 years old. I know they purposely caused certain events in my life to drive me into some kind of depression or state. For example I know they cheated my education trying to make me a failure, they caused relationship issues, and more. I also know that they do these things to build up Manchurian candidates. They start Manchurian candidates early because they need to cause certain events to make the victim to go into a certain mental state. For example, they purposely cause failures, issues, financial loss, etc to individuals to alter their mind state. Then they use EEG Cloning and Hetrodyning to capture your thinking style as described previously and then attack you with them. This is called the “Dark Loop”.


One thought on “Mind Control Torture

  1. madminster says:


    You described it almost perfectly, you are wrong with only one thing:
    “”MRI, CT Scan, and XRays do not pick these devices up.”

    They pick it up alright, just when someone has “cameras in his eyes” he is followed everywhere and all the doctors are told about him, so he’ll get fake results.

    Please, do check my sites:




    These people who pose as some kind a hidden “psychiatrists” claim to be experts in life, other people’s life that is, while their own might be a mess.

    You and I should be in contact, judging by you accurate description you might actually be for real contrary to 99% of people who call themselves “TI’s”, and that makes only two of us.


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